Yes. That’s right. This is the Frequently Asked Questions Page. Because it is impossible to answer my millions of fans individually.

Q1: Who Are you?

A1: Go read the About Me page, dude.

Q2: Do you really think that you are the greatest novelist who ever lived?

A2: LA LA LA, not listening. (Don’t mess with my self-hypnosis, Ok?) LA LA LA!

Q3: Why did you start this blog?

A3: I want to be a published author. But I have a problem with commitment. So I started this blog to commit to, and log, my daily writing practice.

Q4: What is “The Knight and The Crazy Old Man” all about?

A4: This story was my first project for daily practice. I started it with the plan to add one thousand words to it on a daily basis. But after part 9, the story grew into something I want to develop and see how far I can take. So I continue to work on it now. But I do that deep in my secret dungeon, where no human eye can reach.

Q5: Do you believe that you will be a best-selling author?

A5: Yes.

Q6: Really?

A6: Yes, really.

Q7: C’mon, Marc! You? A best-selling author?

A7: Yes. And the greatest that ever lived. You got a problem with that, Imaginary questioner?

Q8: Ok, calm down! But why do you want to be a best-selling author?

A8: I consider it the greatest of achievements. And I want to be a full-time writer, and a very rich one.

Q9: You really do live in your own world, man.

A9: I’m asking myself questions, and I’m answering them. So I can’t argue with you on that.

Q10: I’m a publisher, and I want to publish your story “The Knight and The Crazy Old Man”



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