Hi! It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything on this glorious blog. And since I’m pretty damn sure that no one has missed me, I’m not apologizing for neglecting the wonderful world of writing.

I remember being very ambitious when I started this blog – like you couldn’t tell from the blog’s title, eh?- to the point where I was reluctant to share any stories, or draft of stories, that I wrote. Because I didn’t want to spoil my precious ideas when the time comes to publish them and make loads of money.


Well, this is no longer the case. It’s not that I’ve given up on ever publishing a novel someday. But I just don’t feel overprotective as I used to be. I just want to write, and share my writings.

When I signed in the dashboard today, I found several drafts that I didn’t want to publish. Bellow you’ll find one of these drafts. I’ll continue to publish other drafts, continue writing other stories that I didn’t complete, and hopefully continue to write new stories.




A story about a guy who gets transported to a fantasy world through reading a book. And it turns out later that other people form the real world have been transported as well. Maybe even some historical figures (Like Napoleon) . And we read about our hero’s adventures in this strange land. The story has action, comedy, and adventure.


I  was walking down the merchant’s road, which cuts through Blindman’s Forest. It has been almost a week since I’ve seen another person. That was a relief, actually, since every encounter I’ve had in the last month has ended violently. Bandits, bounty hunters, and Zwarves populated the roads now.

I didn’t mind the bandits, nor the bounty hunters. Actually,  I enjoyed my little skirmishes with them, good sport. But I prayed that I never encounter another zwarf in my lifetime, although I knew this was not possible; those tiny-flesh-eating, earth-digging bastards are a nightmare to fight, or run from. You almost never face a zwarf who’s not accompanied by at least five of his kin. And if you do find one standing alone, you better turn around and start running, for you are surely being ambushed.

I’ve learned along time ago not to test my various skills on these tiny devils, since every time I try something new, they surprise me with how they react to it. One time I tried a fire spell. It didn’t affect zwarf, only made it more agile, and really, really pissed. Another time I tried an illusionary spell. I made myself look like a giant Orc with devilish eyes. The zwarf screamed. I thought my spell had worked. Turns out, he was calling more zwarves to attack the giant beast. I had a lot of running to do that day.

To me, they are technically zombies, dwarves risen from the dead. But these short monsters differed from the traditional zombies in many aspects. For one, they could talk, and they talked a lot. In fact, I didn’t fear any sneak attack from them. Even if, by any chance, a zwarf was alone, he would talk or sing to himself. One time, I witnessed a dwarven corpse as it rose into zwarfhood. The first thing it said as soon as it stood on its feet was, “Damn you Vidrum, you filthy whore!” And then it spat, and three of its teeth dropped onto the dirt, “Balls!” it cursed. Then it saw me. And I had to run. The rest is still blurry to me.

After following the road up and down a small hill, I was able to see the lights of Grintonshire through the thinning forest. And it wasn’t long before I was passing some of the small houses and workshops that were scattered on its outskirts. The night was quite in this town, but I could hear voices and sounds of movements emanating from some of the houses. And as I strolled deeper into town, I could hear the loud cheers and laughter of drunk men and dwarves, the clinking sounds of glassy mugs, and the occasional, and admittedly arousing, moanings of elvish whores. Yup, I was closing in on a fantastic bar, or tavern.

I braced myself when I read “Mania’s Bottom” on the withered sign; I didn’t know if Mania was dude or a chick. I wondered if he, or she, was actually inside the tavern, and if the word “Bottom” had any literal presentation inside the pup. I grabbed the door knob, took a deep breath, and barged inside.

It should have been bottoms


Dear Ms. Robin Hobb, Thank You!

Imagine being a Star Wars fan…

You’ve watched all the movies, maybe read some novels and comic books. And then it all just faded away into your mind as a lovely memory of a fantastic universe that supplements your daydreams and musings.

Now imagine yourself standing in line to buy a ticket to a movie. You haven’t planned on watching anything in particular. It just happens that you were passing by the local theater and, having nothing else to do, decided to go see a movie.

You’re standing in line, waiting, until the guy in front of you walks away, and you’re facing the lovely lady behind the counter. She asks which movie you want to buy a ticket for. So you raise your head to look at the screens behind her, and your jaw drops to the ground.

Somehow, you haven’t heard anything about it. I know it’s impossible for someone living in this day and age, who has the slightest interest in American entertainment, not to have heard or read about the new Star Wars movie. But for the sake of the analogy, imagine that you’ve never heard of it until the moment you saw it at your local theater, and you could buy the ticket to go in and see it right there, almost minutes after your knowledge of its existence.

If you can imagine how you would feel at that moment, then you have an idea about how I felt when I stumbled on the Fools’ Assassin while I was aimlessly browsing a book store in a foreign country.

I was on vacation, travelling with my lovely wife and daughter, good times. And it has been always my habit, as I walked beside a book store, to slow down, and browse the books inside, my eyes all dreamy and mystical. I was like a child who cries to his parents whenever they passed by a toy store, even though they’ve just bought an expensive toy for him, and he was holding the box in his hands.

Anyway, This time I did enter the bookstore, and while I was browsing through the Fantasy section, there I found it. I had recognized Robin Hobb’s name at first, and that was enough for me to pick up the book. But then I read the title, The Fool’s Assassin?

I kept staring at the book, not believing what my own eyes and sense of touch were telling me. How is it that I’ve never heard of this. She’s going back to Fitz and the Fool? I thought the story was over when I finished the Tawny Man trilogy. And now there is this book that I’m holding in my hands. I can go home and start reading immediately.

And that’s when I lost some of the ecstatic energy that I’ve just acquired. You see, I’ve read the Farseer trilogy and the rest of the books a long time ago. So I have only a vague recollection of the story. And for a story that I’m deeply in love with, I can’t go into a new chapter with such a cloudy memory of what happened before.

And so my journey begins. I have gone through my dusty book collection, and picked up the Assassin’s Apprentice. It’s time to visit some old friends.

I’ll try to marathon my way through these books since I can’t wait to read the new one. First it will be the Farseer trilogy, then the Liveship Traders Trilogy, and finally the Tawny Man trilogy.

Now, answer this question for me, do I have to read the Rain Wild Chronicles as well? I haven’t read them at all, actually.

Man! That’s almost 13 books. Well, now that I think about it, my analogy at the beginning of the post is simply a pile of bullshit. I have a long waiting ahead of me before I can read the Fool’s Assassin, sniff, sniff.

But I haven’t been reading much these last couple of years. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a full novel. But now, with a new chapter of Fitz’s life in my hands, I’ve got all the motivation I need to read more books in a couple of months than I have ever read in a full year.

And for that, I say to Ms. Hobb, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. Enjoy your success while you can, until my novel comes out and renders all other fantasy books obsolete. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And don’t let this knowledge stop you from writing your beautiful books. You still have a long future ahead of you before I publish my novel. Peace.

Back to Them Words

Dear Blog,

I am so freakin’ sorry. I’ve been gone for a long, long time.

I wish I can promise you that I’ll be staying for good this time. But we both know that I don’t have the right to give such promises. All I can do is hope that I surprise myself and actually stay committed for a year, at least.

And guess what, my dear and neglected blog, I have some changes to make regarding my posts. I will not post portions of the stories that I’m working on any more. I found that doing this in the past was wrong. First drafts need to be done behind closed doors. They are too ugly and weird to be shown to the world. And they need to be. So I’ll keep them to myself, until it’s time for them to be revealed to the masses, making me ridiculously rich and famous in the process.

So if I’m not going to write stories here, what else?

I guess I’ll be writing about the books I’m reading, and my thoughts about them. I might also blog about stories in other medias, like video games, movies, and TV shows.

The important thing is that I’m back. And I hope that I stay this time.

M. Gate out.

Naked Dialog: Who’s The Freakin’ Culprit!

Naked Dialog = Dialog only!

Warning! Reading the following dialog might annoy the living shit out of you! Continue at your own discretion.

Hunt: I will now reveal the true culprit behind this hideous crime.

Mike: You don’t have to make an announcement about it! Who is it already!

Hunt: You will have to refrain to from interfering with the investigation. Or I will have to put you into custody.

Mike: Is this guy for real?

David: Just shut the fuck up and let him do his thing. If he doesn’t finish in the next five minutes, I’m going to sleep right on this damn floor!! Continue reading

So Romantic: Chapter 2

Jake woke up early. He jumped out of bed, barely avoided an untimely accident as he raced down the stairs, and startled Linda on his way to the kitchen. His mother raised her head sharply at the sound of his hasty footsteps on the wooden floor. And as soon as she saw him, they met at the middle of the kitchen, embracing each other.

Jake has gotten used to it by now. He came to realize the pattern after his twelfth birthday. For some unknown reason, his mother, Emily, on the date of his birth, completely changed her attitude toward her youngest son. She would shower him with unlimited love and attention. She cancelled any appointments, or plans she had, just to spend the rest of the day with her beloved Jake. She listened to anything he said with extreme interest, and randomly hugged and kissed him. Jake cherished every second of it.

He wished if time would stop, and allow him to be happy forever. But the hours seemed to fly by much faster on his birthdays. Today, his fifteenth birthday, was no different.
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The Knight And The Crazy Old Man – Part 10

Hylven tried to make sense of the floating figure. Its human shape was hardly visible behind the cloud of dust and smoke that whirled around it. The King had just called it Vazrill. But how could that be? thought the young knight. According to the story he was told by the old man, the dark wizard lived hundreds of years ago. He can’t be alive now. But then again, the King has been acting in madness this entire day; he could be simply blurting out random words from his memory.

The King spoke to the dark figure, slowly, “You will not succeed. There are things that are beyond your reach. The world of men will thrive. We have made sure of it.”
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Writing Pratcice: Silent Death


My PC is still dead 😦

Meaning, I’m still writing on my phone, which is so hard for me. I HATE touch-screen typing.

That’s why I’m not in the mood to continue any of my on-going stories.

So here is another scrabble of a story instead, just too keep up with my daily writing requirements.


It was raining all night. And it was very silent, no lightning, no thunder, and no wind, only the sound of constant rain drops, smashing on the windshield and the roof of the grey Rav4. The driver’s body rested on his seat, his head titled slightly to the left. The stench of his blood filled the enclosed air inside the car, his son in the back seat has already vomited twice from nausea.

The 15-year-old kid couldn’t get out of the car, it was pitch-black dark outside, and it was still out there, looking for him, waiting for him to make the smallest sound. Continue reading

Writing Practice: The Last Species – Part4

Greetings, my dear fans.

I thank you in advance for all the wonderful letters and gifts that I’ll receive from you when I’m rich and famous… Why are you laughing?

Anyway, here is the fourth installment in this horror/action/don’t-know-yet story. I hope you enjoy reading this rubbish 🙂

Here are the previous parts: Part1, Part2, and Part3.

So, until I come up with a brilliant story that will knock your socks off, let’s read this story instead:


“The name is David, by the way” said the nurse as I handed him his phone. “Mike” I said. The nurse on my left joined in on the introduction party “I’m Philip, call me Phil” and he shook my hand. I discovered in the next five minutes that these two nurses were very cool guys; we got along very well, which was strange to do in such a short time.

“No! If it was in the water, how would you explain the crazy lions chasing after my brothers in Africa?” said David.

“Well… OK, fine! Then it must be airborne” said Philip.

“I don’t think so” I said, “It seems like all the animals went nuts on the same day, all of ’em. What kind of airborne virus would hit all around the world in one day?”
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