So Romantic: Chapter 2

Jake woke up early. He jumped out of bed, barely avoided an untimely accident as he raced down the stairs, and startled Linda on his way to the kitchen. His mother raised her head sharply at the sound of his hasty footsteps on the wooden floor. And as soon as she saw him, they met at the middle of the kitchen, embracing each other.

Jake has gotten used to it by now. He came to realize the pattern after his twelfth birthday. For some unknown reason, his mother, Emily, on the date of his birth, completely changed her attitude toward her youngest son. She would shower him with unlimited love and attention. She cancelled any appointments, or plans she had, just to spend the rest of the day with her beloved Jake. She listened to anything he said with extreme interest, and randomly hugged and kissed him. Jake cherished every second of it.

He wished if time would stop, and allow him to be happy forever. But the hours seemed to fly by much faster on his birthdays. Today, his fifteenth birthday, was no different.
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So Romantic: Chapter 1

The idea behind this particular story, came from a discussion I had in the comment section of a post, by the awesome Violet VanDoren. I had promised her, and another awesome writer, Michelle Mueller, to try my hand at writing a romantic story, a genre that I dread and fear so much to write in.

So here goes nothing:

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