Writing Practice: The Last Species – Part4

Greetings, my dear fans.

I thank you in advance for all the wonderful letters and gifts that I’ll receive from you when I’m rich and famous… Why are you laughing?

Anyway, here is the fourth installment in this horror/action/don’t-know-yet story. I hope you enjoy reading this rubbish 🙂

Here are the previous parts: Part1, Part2, and Part3.

So, until I come up with a brilliant story that will knock your socks off, let’s read this story instead:


“The name is David, by the way” said the nurse as I handed him his phone. “Mike” I said. The nurse on my left joined in on the introduction party “I’m Philip, call me Phil” and he shook my hand. I discovered in the next five minutes that these two nurses were very cool guys; we got along very well, which was strange to do in such a short time.

“No! If it was in the water, how would you explain the crazy lions chasing after my brothers in Africa?” said David.

“Well… OK, fine! Then it must be airborne” said Philip.

“I don’t think so” I said, “It seems like all the animals went nuts on the same day, all of ’em. What kind of airborne virus would hit all around the world in one day?”
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Writing Practice: The Last Species – Part3

Greetings, my soon-to-line-up-at-book-stores-to-buy-my-great-novel fans, I can measure the line’s length already.

Part3 of The Last Species is right here.

But unfortunately, there is no cliffhanger ending this time. Because a magician cast a spell on my day and made it shorter, so what can I do?

Anyway, let’s get on with the story,


Movies, video games, and novels give us our expectations for situations that we never experience in real life. We have expectations for how aliens would look like, how robots would behave, and how a city would be after a zombie break.

Now, this was not a zombie break, but it wasn’t that different. Predators, were chasing after human meat. Only, instead of brainless-rotten zombies, we were hunted by animals, all kinds of animals. Continue reading

Writing Pratcice: The Last Species – Part 2

Greetings, my dear fans,

Today the weather was nice. And the greatest novelist who ever lived is happy, when the weather is nice.

So I thought, since I’m happy, why don’t I spoil everyone else’s happiness, by posting another episode of this grim story 🙂

So, without further ado, let’s get down to the story, shall we?


Linda is dead. I left her on the couch, unconscious, with blood all over her. I don’t know why I bothered to call 911.

“Hello! listen the animals are going crazy around here, there is a little girl across the street, she needs help… What? No! The girl is inside the house and about ten freakin’ dogs broke in! She needs help now”

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Writing Practice: The Last Species

Greetings, my dear fans. A special welcome to my billionth fan, welcome to the family.

Today, I wanted to experiment with a different genre. You see, I’m trying to keep my training program as diverse as possible. It’s because I’m a genius!

The greatest novelist who ever lived is doing his training, people. Feast your eyes on how greatness is unfolded.

Or just read three lines and realize that it’s crap and go read something worth your while. You can do that too 🙂

Anyway, let us get on with the story, shall we?


For me, it began with a headline of a news article I read on the internet. It was about an Indian guy who was killed by a tiger. I didn’t click the link to read the details, instead I clicked on a picture of Miley Cyrus. Seeing her go nuts was much more interesting news than an animal killing a man in a third world country.

The second sign was a TV report I saw the next day, when I was eating my breakfast. It was about a zoo worker, who was killed when he entered the lions’ cage for some cleaning. Who would be stupid enough to go inside a lion’s cage? I thought. Then I changed the channel to some reality cooking show. The day was Friday, and I didn’t want to ruin my mood, because tonight is game night, all the boys will be online. Continue reading