Dear Ms. Robin Hobb, Thank You!

Imagine being a Star Wars fan…

You’ve watched all the movies, maybe read some novels and comic books. And then it all just faded away into your mind as a lovely memory of a fantastic universe that supplements your daydreams and musings.

Now imagine yourself standing in line to buy a ticket to a movie. You haven’t planned on watching anything in particular. It just happens that you were passing by the local theater and, having nothing else to do, decided to go see a movie.

You’re standing in line, waiting, until the guy in front of you walks away, and you’re facing the lovely lady behind the counter. She asks which movie you want to buy a ticket for. So you raise your head to look at the screens behind her, and your jaw drops to the ground.

Somehow, you haven’t heard anything about it. I know it’s impossible for someone living in this day and age, who has the slightest interest in American entertainment, not to have heard or read about the new Star Wars movie. But for the sake of the analogy, imagine that you’ve never heard of it until the moment you saw it at your local theater, and you could buy the ticket to go in and see it right there, almost minutes after your knowledge of its existence.

If you can imagine how you would feel at that moment, then you have an idea about how I felt when I stumbled on the Fools’ Assassin while I was aimlessly browsing a book store in a foreign country.

I was on vacation, travelling with my lovely wife and daughter, good times. And it has been always my habit, as I walked beside a book store, to slow down, and browse the books inside, my eyes all dreamy and mystical. I was like a child who cries to his parents whenever they passed by a toy store, even though they’ve just bought an expensive toy for him, and he was holding the box in his hands.

Anyway, This time I did enter the bookstore, and while I was browsing through the Fantasy section, there I found it. I had recognized Robin Hobb’s name at first, and that was enough for me to pick up the book. But then I read the title, The Fool’s Assassin?

I kept staring at the book, not believing what my own eyes and sense of touch were telling me. How is it that I’ve never heard of this. She’s going back to Fitz and the Fool? I thought the story was over when I finished the Tawny Man trilogy. And now there is this book that I’m holding in my hands. I can go home and start reading immediately.

And that’s when I lost some of the ecstatic energy that I’ve just acquired. You see, I’ve read the Farseer trilogy and the rest of the books a long time ago. So I have only a vague recollection of the story. And for a story that I’m deeply in love with, I can’t go into a new chapter with such a cloudy memory of what happened before.

And so my journey begins. I have gone through my dusty book collection, and picked up the Assassin’s Apprentice. It’s time to visit some old friends.

I’ll try to marathon my way through these books since I can’t wait to read the new one. First it will be the Farseer trilogy, then the Liveship Traders Trilogy, and finally the Tawny Man trilogy.

Now, answer this question for me, do I have to read the Rain Wild Chronicles as well? I haven’t read them at all, actually.

Man! That’s almost 13 books. Well, now that I think about it, my analogy at the beginning of the post is simply a pile of bullshit. I have a long waiting ahead of me before I can read the Fool’s Assassin, sniff, sniff.

But I haven’t been reading much these last couple of years. It’s been a long time since I’ve read a full novel. But now, with a new chapter of Fitz’s life in my hands, I’ve got all the motivation I need to read more books in a couple of months than I have ever read in a full year.

And for that, I say to Ms. Hobb, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. Enjoy your success while you can, until my novel comes out and renders all other fantasy books obsolete. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And don’t let this knowledge stop you from writing your beautiful books. You still have a long future ahead of you before I publish my novel. Peace.


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