Rant: If only life had a “pause” button

You know, like video games!

I asked a dear friend at work to send me some information by email. And he did. But he copied my boss..

Why did you do that, my ####ing friend?

I wanted to do some work under the radar, and then present it to my boss. But now he knows! He’s watching me, following every step I take, listening to every word I say, peaking into my very soul…

Deep breath…deeeeep breath…

Now I can’t write because a telephone won’t stop ringing! Why do people keep calling when you don’t answer? Don’t they know how creepy they look when they do that? F###ING creepy people!

Ok, the creep has given up.. So where was I? Oh yes! My boss is an evil wizard! And I hate evil wizards, they are supposed to be hated, nothing wrong with that. Now if only I can find an evidence and expose his sorcery… that would really REALLY make my day!

But another thing that would really REALLY make my day, is a real-life PAUSE button, that I can use at work… That would be AWESOME!! Imagine the things I’d do… I’m smiling now.

“Marc! I’m expecting the report to be on my desk before…” PAUSE BUTTON!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT, SARUMAN!!

“Good Morning! Mr. Marc? I was told that you can…” PAUSE BUTTON!! No, I can’t! And I’m not sorry!

“Heeeeey…” PAUSE BUTTON!! I don’t like this guy!

Ok, no more time to vent; have to get back to work. You know, since I don’t have a PAUSE button and all… Really wish I had one though. But I don’t. So I have to go and kiss the evil wizard’s ass.

I hope he doesn’t cast a spell on me when I do… That would be an embarrassing story to tell!


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