Still Alive, And Kicking… Myself!

Hello World!!

Today, my boss asked me to find out what he wants from himself…

Don’t ask…

Aaaah, life, life, life… Why do you require so much effort to give up the good stuff?

I can’t find the strength to write a full paragraph, hence the disconnected sentences..

Ok, now let me dream for a bit: I’m setting comfortably in a first-class cabin on my way to the Maldives. The plane is taking off, it’s 09:00pm, and just as the seat built lights are turned off, I dose off into blissful sleep. The lovely “BING” sound is the last thing I hear…

But now I’m at work… and I’m sleepy… And I have a report to finish… Because… I don’t really care… But I have to…

Ok, enough sulking! I have good news! I’m finally moving to my own place. It will be good to settle down and start organizing my life. Renting a house drains your wallet and also your life force!

I can finally have my private office, where I can read, write, and do whatever I want without any distractions. Just a couple more weeks… gotta have patience..

See ya!


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