Bloggers, I Take my Hat off to You

Persistent bloggers, that is.

It has been a long time since I opened WordPress. And when I viewed my reader, I saw recent posts by people that I’ve followed when I started this blog. I’m proud of them, and ashamed of myself.

If you call me a quitter, I will not argue with you. Because I am, DUH! And this blog is not the only victim of my quitting talents; I have been quitting stuff for a long, long time.

Software development.. Voice acting(Yes!).. 3d design.. Web design.. Writing.. I have started countless projects with a burst of energy that could send a rocket to Gliese 581 c, only to bury them into the dirt after a month or so.

It always goes like this, I get fed up with my current position in life, and then run around looking for a way out. After a short while, I lose all my energy, the dream starts to sound stupid, and I’m back to square one.

But you know what I’m good at? What I’m really, really good at? I can daydream about success for months without getting bored of it. Yeah baby! I can envision the fame, the glory, the mountains of cash, and don’t forget that private jet that flies on auto-pilot.

This is who I am, who I’ve always been, and pretty much who I’ll always be.

I could, you know, put extreme efforts into fulfilling my dream. I could find the time between work and family to achieve my goals, to do what I love, and pursue my passion. Yes, I could, but I don’t! That’s a typical loser for you right there!

So keep on persisting, persistent people! I’ll just go chase after some fairies; I heard they grant wishes and stuff.