Rejoice! I’m Still Alive!

And Kicking ass while I’m at it!

Marc! Where have you been hiding all these years?

I have been on a pilgrimage, searching for the meaning of life, away from the corruption of technology. Or should I say, the corruption of technology got away from me, by falling down the stairs, and smashing into pieces.

I mean, how clumsy can someone get? What is the limit of clumsiness? Because I’m pretty damn sure that I have raised the bar on that!

First it was my phone, flying from my pocket–don’t ask me how—and into the ground, turning its screen into a forbidding-purple wall. Then I let my laptop slip from my hand while I was climbing the stairs, which didn’t cause me any stress, or put me in a state of depression! Nooo, sirrr!

Are you still writing stories?

Of course I am! Why wouldn’t I? Did the great Shmarf Awesmeton stop writing when his laptop exploded in his face? Did the late Bill Nevergiveupsicle stop writing when his hands were chopped by his insane brother? Or did the legendary Sam Mythicaldoesntexist stop writing when he lost his eyesight? Of course not!

So why should I stop? Having no form of access to my blog–except for the PC at work–is not an excuse to stop writing… like, at all.

Is there anything else you want to say to the world before you have to log off the PC and go home?

Yeah I do! I want to announce the publication of my first short story…. Naaaaaah! not happening anytime soon!

Gibberish this, gibberish that, and I’m done for today.

See you all tomorrow. |-__-|


Naked Dialog: Who’s The Freakin’ Culprit!

Naked Dialog = Dialog only!

Warning! Reading the following dialog might annoy the living shit out of you! Continue at your own discretion.

Hunt: I will now reveal the true culprit behind this hideous crime.

Mike: You don’t have to make an announcement about it! Who is it already!

Hunt: You will have to refrain to from interfering with the investigation. Or I will have to put you into custody.

Mike: Is this guy for real?

David: Just shut the fuck up and let him do his thing. If he doesn’t finish in the next five minutes, I’m going to sleep right on this damn floor!! Continue reading

My New BOO!

That’s right, baby! I’ll be moving to my new base of operations tonight! No more phone typing for the Greatest Novelist Who Ever Lived! [insert the most-ferociously-evil laugh you’ve never heard here. Like, a really, REALLY evil laugh, one that starts with “Muahaha.” “Hahaha,” is for amatures!]