It’s Over 9000!!!!

I have planned to finish a story at one thousand words, but I’m already past nine thousand. Yikes!

I expect this to be a major learning experience for me. And I hope something good will come out of it. It feels really good when you have a clear idea about the direction of your story, and how it’s going to end.

I will keep adding words to the first draft, even if I trespass into the novel territory.ย One has to doย something in order to learn, right? So I might as well go crazy with this story and learn from the outcome.

See you in the next post…


4 thoughts on “It’s Over 9000!!!!

  1. As someone who watched DBZ on its first US release back in the late 90’s, I got the reference. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And don’t feel bad about having the story lengthen substantially on you. My current story Darkness Concealed and its two sequels in the trilogy were originally concepted as a 100k single novel. Now the rough wordcount for all three will be on the order of 300k+, if the 108k length of the first is any indicator. Even more recently, Nikolay was supposed to be a quick 10k short story. It’s a nearly 30k novella now that it’s done.

    Ultimately, length is only a worry for specific competitions or very particular markets (some publishers mandate a max word count for certain genre novels). For the joy of writing, or for anything independent, there are no limits. Write the story that needs to be written, word count be damned.

    • I have transitioned from feeling bad to actually getting excited about it. You know how it is, you write a couple of boring lines, then, suddenly, you break into a very interesting scene, or a new idea pops out, dramatically changing the direction of the story. And that gets you thinking, “No way I’m going to end this now!”
      So for now I’m willing to keep at it, even if it turns into a novel.

      BTW, I remember how hard I used to laugh at how creative people got with the 9000 scene. ๐Ÿ˜€

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