The Gate… Is Open

What is it you say? You can’t see it?

Why? Are you blind?

Oh, my poor friend, I’m so sorry. You must feel so stupid right now.

It has always been there. You simply chose to ignore it.

No, my friend, don’t be a sore loser. Just because you weren’t able to find it does not mean it didn’t exist.

The Gate… is always there.

How can you find it, you ask?

Simple, just throw away all your fears, then turn around… Voila! There it is.

Where does it lead to?

That’s the fun part. Nobody knows!

So it’s up to you, earthling.

Do you want to stay where you are? Are you satisfied with what you’ve got?

Or do you yearn for something more, and are ready to leap into the unknown to find it?

The Gate is there, it will always be.

All you have to do… is find it, and step right through.

I wish you luck on your long voyage.

Just don’t forget to write! 🙂


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