All Hail The New Webmaster!

That’s right baby! Look at the menu at the top of my legendary blog. Notice anything different?

Yup! You nailed it! I’ve added a new link to my stories in the top menu. Don’t ask me how I did it; it’s too complicated for you tiny little minds. But the good news is you can now read the stories to your heart’s content. And I can whine and nag as much as I like, with no fear of my stories being lost in a sea of ramblings. Aren’t I the most talented WordPress-er out there? C’mon, just admit it. 🙂

There are currently two main stories. One is a fantasy story, and the other is a horror one. But if you click on “My Stories” itself, you will find other short stories also.

Have a nice day, and catch you all tomorrow–or maybe after a couple of hours, if I have something to complain about. (-__-)


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