I Really Really Wish I Could Draw


Ah, the things I would draw… If only I could reprogram my nervous system to be able to perform this great feat.

I would create vast worlds, full of color and detail. And spend countless nights designing interesting characters with fabulous gear.

I have tried many times to get into drawing. But instead of producing something magical–like what the great Red-Pencil  drew at the top of this post, I always end up with a couple of stick figures, a circle at the top-right corner of the page representing the glorious sun, and three triangles–mountains–to add some depth.

So, ARTISTS! If there is some magical pool you bastards are drinking from, please share it with the rest of us! Stop saying it’s just talent and hard work; that lie won’t fool a genious like me. So cut the crap, and send me an email describing the exact location of the pool–with a very detailed map, since you guys can draw so well.

I look forward to your informative email.

(reality sucks ;__;)


6 thoughts on “I Really Really Wish I Could Draw

  1. I have the drawing talent of a drunk trying to get a chair from under a table, but I’ve had the luck of meeting a bunch of artists who were kind enough to provide me with fanart.

    Of course, artists, being themselves, are at the end of the day nuts, so you’ve got to be ready to deal with their shenanigans if you want their services. Or you could just pay them, but paying’s for nerds.

    • Nerds and rich people. I’m always at cghub and deviantart gawking at what these insane people could do with a brush or a pencil. There is one Korean artist–I’ll post a video about him soon–who has a ridiculous amount of talent. I see him draw, then I go bang my head against a wall. How could any human being draw like that? Wait until you see him and you’ll understand why I’m so upset ;__;

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