RIP, My Dear PC


Why did you leave me?

How could you do this to me?

I know that life was hard for you…

I know how hard it was for you to keep working through all the accumulated dust on your RAM sticks and hard drives.

You had to suffer sudden shutdowns many times, although you complained to me about it every time I turned you on again.

I know I wasn’t a good user…

But it’s not fair to leave me just like that, without any closure.

Well, maybe you did…

I remember one time when I fired you up, and you began to stutter and show me strange symbols; I should have noticed.

And there was this other time, when you suddenly rebooted, and I just waited for you to finish, and continued to play Skyrim as if nothing has happened.

OK, I think I get it now…

I deserve it. And you deserved better than me…

We had many good times, you and I. And I shall keep these memories forever with me.

Yes, I am writing this from my phone, but don’t worry, this small thing, with its smudgy screen, will never replace your big, black, and loud keyboard’s place in my heart…

So long, my dear PC.

May your millions of transistors rest in peace…


Well, that’s a bummer. I can barely type on the touch screen. Which makes it harder for me to write a story. I’ll try to do it, anyway. But If I can’t, then I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

Until then…


Writing Practice: The Last Species – Part4

Greetings, my dear fans.

I thank you in advance for all the wonderful letters and gifts that I’ll receive from you when I’m rich and famous… Why are you laughing?

Anyway, here is the fourth installment in this horror/action/don’t-know-yet story. I hope you enjoy reading this rubbish 🙂

Here are the previous parts: Part1, Part2, and Part3.

So, until I come up with a brilliant story that will knock your socks off, let’s read this story instead:


“The name is David, by the way” said the nurse as I handed him his phone. “Mike” I said. The nurse on my left joined in on the introduction party “I’m Philip, call me Phil” and he shook my hand. I discovered in the next five minutes that these two nurses were very cool guys; we got along very well, which was strange to do in such a short time.

“No! If it was in the water, how would you explain the crazy lions chasing after my brothers in Africa?” said David.

“Well… OK, fine! Then it must be airborne” said Philip.

“I don’t think so” I said, “It seems like all the animals went nuts on the same day, all of ’em. What kind of airborne virus would hit all around the world in one day?”
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Broken Glasses, and a Really Bad Story

Frustration levels = High.

Current mood = “Don’t talk to me too much or one of us will lose his teeth”

Why are you so low today, Marc?

Because I stepped on my glasses and nearly destroyed them :(.

It is so frustrating to look at the world through titled glasses!

But what did I say before?


That’s right! So no matter the mood, no matter the circumstances, I’m writing something; even if I have to let my hand dance on the keyboard for the heck of it (and write something like this: DJKLFHADSFH!)

So, let me tell you a freakin’ story right now and get it over with (WARNING: There is no sensible ending to this story) :

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The Knight And The Crazy Old Man – Part9

Greetings, my dear readers,

Today was my last day with the monkeys; I will not see them for a whole month, yay!

If you haven’t, read the previous parts: Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6, Part7, and Part8.

I finally got back to continuing this really EPIC fantasy story.

So, let’s not waste any time and delve into it:


Sir Trist, Hylven, and Rother watched in disbelief, as King Shallow destroyed the Shrinkten forces inside Dartom. Young soldiers were torn to pieces, silver and grey knights were killed, and even the horses weren’t spared. The mad giant was advancing through the training grounds, and no one was able to stop him.

The White Knight was the first to snap out of the shock and act. He kicked his horse and rushed into the castle. Hylven was next to follow “My lord! No!” he called after him. Continue reading

Dreams Are For Weaklings!

It starts with the typical “Dream”. Emotions build up in you, giving you enormous amounts of energy. You feel awake, happy, alive. And you are ready for action.

From day one, you go in full throttle, with so much power and drive, nothing can stop you, it’s only a matter of time before you reach the Dream.

You think you’re above those who don’t strive to reach their dreams, or worse yet, those who don’t have dreams.

But wait a minute…
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The Wizard has sided with the Monkeys

Today, the wizard is back at it, shortening my day, making it harder to find time to write. And to make things worse, he joined forces with the monkeys. So their plan goes something like this:

  • The wizard will cast a spell to bend the space-time continuum and make my day a lot shorter.
  • And the monkeys will have a raging party and jump all around me, making it F*****G hard to concentrate.

I hope it will all be better someday. I dream of a time when I can have my very own writing place. A place where wizards have no powers, and monkeys love to read.


Writing Practice: Mr. Knowit and the Motherly Love.

Greetings, my lovely fans.

I don’t mind you stalking me wherever I go…

Today I return to Mr. Knowit and his squire, the boy. These short stories are a break away from the daunting task of continuing a long story.

You can find the previous story of Mr. Knowit right here

So let’s get to it, shall we?


“Do you think it is possible to put more effort into it, boy?” said Mr. Knowit. My arms were about to be ripped off from the shoulders as I pulled on the ropes with all my strength. Why don’t you stop complaining and help me, you crazy old fool! I wished I could tell him. But I couldn’t breathe. If I released the air from my lungs, I would be swept away with the baby dragon. This creature is unbelievable! I mean, the beast has just hatched from its egg! It was stupid enough to fall into the trap, but it’s too damn strong for me to hold it in place. “Oh, boy. I wish you could see Ramon catching a dragon…” I couldn’t believe this old man. Here I am, fighting for my life with a hungry-young beast, and this creep is reminiscing about his old-perfect squire.

The dragon’s wings twitched. Which was not a good sign. If the bloody fiend realized that it could fly, I’ll become reptile food in no time. I still don’t know why I agreed to tie the rope to my waist. Continue reading

Writing Practice: The Last Species – Part3

Greetings, my soon-to-line-up-at-book-stores-to-buy-my-great-novel fans, I can measure the line’s length already.

Part3 of The Last Species is right here.

But unfortunately, there is no cliffhanger ending this time. Because a magician cast a spell on my day and made it shorter, so what can I do?

Anyway, let’s get on with the story,


Movies, video games, and novels give us our expectations for situations that we never experience in real life. We have expectations for how aliens would look like, how robots would behave, and how a city would be after a zombie break.

Now, this was not a zombie break, but it wasn’t that different. Predators, were chasing after human meat. Only, instead of brainless-rotten zombies, we were hunted by animals, all kinds of animals. Continue reading

Writing Pratcice: The Last Species – Part 2

Greetings, my dear fans,

Today the weather was nice. And the greatest novelist who ever lived is happy, when the weather is nice.

So I thought, since I’m happy, why don’t I spoil everyone else’s happiness, by posting another episode of this grim story 🙂

So, without further ado, let’s get down to the story, shall we?


Linda is dead. I left her on the couch, unconscious, with blood all over her. I don’t know why I bothered to call 911.

“Hello! listen the animals are going crazy around here, there is a little girl across the street, she needs help… What? No! The girl is inside the house and about ten freakin’ dogs broke in! She needs help now”

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This is why I love fantasy

Image via Flickr Creative Commons, taken by Stuart erwlas

Image via Flickr Creative Commons, taken by Stuart erwlas

The image above, by the great photographer, Stuart erwlas (check his photos on Flickr) is a visual explanation of why I love the fantasy genre. This image is more fantastic, to me, than all the great paintings that would have elves, dwarves, or dragons.

In this image, I can imagine a group of adventurers, traveling on a quest to unknown lands. They would encounter wonders beyond their wildest imaginations. Golems, witches, orcs, and dragons await them.

In this fantastic world, many stories would unfold. Stories of love, betrayal, wars, alliances, and friendship. All of them set under a spell of imagination and wonder.

I’m always moved by pictures like this. I feel it calling to me, urging me to hurry up and have the adventure of my life. I have a sudden feel of loneliness, as if I’m missing out on something.

Maybe that is enough reason for me to come up with the stories of these grand adventures. To live them in my head and commit them to paper, or screen, and share them with the people of my world.