Life is So Precious

This is something that I want to get off my chest right now. So I apologize for the depressing tone that my words may carry, or if it doesn’t make any sense to the reader. (I am really depressed right now)

The gift of life, the greatest gift that we have ever been given, has been the most unappreciated gift throughout the history of mankind.

We never seem to run out of reasons to destroy these gifts.

There is always something…

There will always be something…

And this saddens me. It is the one thing that haunt my dreams, and disturb my sleep.

Life was given to be appreciated, cherished, and lived to its full potential.

Life is not a toy for some of us to manipulate to their own liking. Life is not a prize to bargain with. Life is not a game, but many people seem to think of it as such.

And it is a shame, really. For we, as human beings, have the potential to live a whole different life. We CAN do it!

There is no justifiable reason for the way things are now.


As individuals, we begin in life, young, and naive. Then we grow up, and laugh at how stupid we used to be.

Well, as an entire species, we are still very, very, young and ignorant indeed.

I wonder if we will ever grow up, before it’s too late…

I hope for a different future, when students will study about us in history books, and marvel at the very idea that we used to kill each other.


7 thoughts on “Life is So Precious

  1. Very well written, and I totally agree with you. I can’t read newspapers of watch the news anymore because it’s all just depressing how the world is falling with so many deaths caused by others.

  2. I’m a member of the US military, and I’ve had to explain on numerous occasions that the last thing I want to have to do is pull the trigger and kill someone else. The only case I will do it is if my friend, my family, or my fellow countryman is in mortal danger and that’s the only way they will live. At the same time, I would rather it be me who was forced into that difficult decision than anyone else.

    • It is really unfortunate that we live in a world that enforces us to be in those situations. Are we ever going to grow out of this? I always wonder. Think about all the bad, and crazy, habits that we used to have, hundreds of years ago, and how we shake our heads disapprovingly whenever we think about them now. The way I see it, mankind as a whole, goes through the same phases of growth that a single human goes through, only at a much, much slower pace. I really hope that this is actually the case, and that one day, we will come to realize how foolish all this killing is.

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