The Dangerous Life of an Author

When he happens to be a lousy driver. After my previous post, I went outside, and crashed my car, stupidly, into a light pole. The accident is too embarrassing for me to go in detail about it. I’ll just say that my car is without a rear bumper right now.

Man! Talk about a bad day, huh 🙂

The sad part is that, aside from the money I’ll pay to fix the car, one of my friends saw the whole thing. So I can’t tell people now that I heroically sacrificed the rear bumper while I was trying to stop an enemy of justice. At least I would’ve gotten their sympathy and respect, instead of enduring all the jokes that I’ll be hearing tomorrow for sure. Now, where did I leave that invisibility cloak? Hmm…


6 thoughts on “The Dangerous Life of an Author

  1. West broke his toe dropping a tin can of soup on it. However, when he went to the doctor just to have it checked (nothing you can do about a toe), the story did not mention soup but did contain ladies and children in distress I don’t recall seeing any children or other females in a burning building during the incident, but I was assured that the smoke clouded my vision and gave me amnesia.

    I’m sure a similar event happened to your friend/ untrustworthy witness. It was the smoke from a very dramatic fire.

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