Authors Beware, Back up your Stuff

I just wrote a very long story, on my phone. I’ve been working on it for days. And when I was just about to upload it today, I got logged out of the wordpress program for some reason. When I logged back in, all my drafts were gone 😥

So I just thought I should give this advice to all my fellow writers: back up, back up, do more back up, and then back up again.

Did I make myself clear? BACK UP YOUR POSTS! ALRIGHT!

Now let me get back to rewriting that stupid story 😥


10 thoughts on “Authors Beware, Back up your Stuff

  1. Or use a freaking Cloud service.

    Though I did use to have this laptop, with the loose RAM slot which would cause it to ram a BSD up my optic nerve on a regular basis; thanks to that thing I now habitually press CTRL+S every third or so word. Of course, nowadays it is unnecessary, but JUST IN CASE never hurt anyone, right? Right?

  2. I don’t know if it’s an option on your phone, but I use a text area saver called Lazarus on Chrome. Virtually all textboxes worth saving the post of get a letter-by-letter backup if for whatever reason the page acts weird. I have saved 3k+ word monstrosities just by that one extension.

    Also, I cloud backup virtually everything writing-related, even my Scrivener projects auto-backup to Google Drive.

    • Thanks for the tip, my dear friend. I just googled Lazarus. Unfortunately, it’s not supported by my operating system yet. The problem I had was with WordPress Android app. I’ve learned my listen the hard way, and have signed up for cloud storage. I will look on the bright side, and be grateful that it happened now, and only one short story was lost 🙂

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