Writing Pratcice: Silent Death


My PC is still dead 😦

Meaning, I’m still writing on my phone, which is so hard for me. I HATE touch-screen typing.

That’s why I’m not in the mood to continue any of my on-going stories.

So here is another scrabble of a story instead, just too keep up with my daily writing requirements.


It was raining all night. And it was very silent, no lightning, no thunder, and no wind, only the sound of constant rain drops, smashing on the windshield and the roof of the grey Rav4. The driver’s body rested on his seat, his head titled slightly to the left. The stench of his blood filled the enclosed air inside the car, his son in the back seat has already vomited twice from nausea.

The 15-year-old kid couldn’t get out of the car, it was pitch-black dark outside, and it was still out there, looking for him, waiting for him to make the smallest sound.

He tried calling for help. But there was no signal out here. He had planned to sit tight until sun rise, but it was getting too hard to breath. And the smell of his father’s blood was getting worse by the minute. If the car had manual windows, it could have made his life a lot easier, but the the buttons on the doors were quiet useless now.

He was about to pass out from exhaustion, when he was startled to full awareness by the sudden movement of his father’s body. To his dismay, the body leaned forward and the head dropped at the center of the steering wheel. The sound of the horn exploded into the silent night, declaring the position of the car to every ear in the parameter.

He jumped to the front seat, and used all the strength left in him to pull his father away from the horn. He finally succeeded to pull him to his side, landing his father’s head on his lap, with his dead eyes staring up at him.

The kid knew it was too late, the sound of the horn was on for too long to be missed by it. But he wasn’t able to do anything. Jumping to the front seat, and pulling his father away has taken the last bit of his energy. He was gasping for air now, death was coming either way, he could hear it coming from the front, almost seeing it running toward him.

The thing suddenly appeared in front of the car. In the dark, all the kid could see was a silhouette of a large-spherical shape, with many tentacles branching from it at various angles. It was standing on two tentacles that carried it at the level of the windshield.

It moved in slowly, its leg tentacles were mimicking the movement of human legs, although they were doing a sloppy job at that. Its other tentacles were in constant movement, twisting and turning. The boy tried to reach the car start button, but his father’s body prevented him from moving. And he was too weak to lift him out of the way. The thing got close enough for him to hear the clicking noises it made. Tentacles were moving like snakes on the car’s hood now. The clicking noise was getting louder. The main body of the thing came to lean on the windshield, and the boy could see its big-round mouth, full of sharp teeth.

It pushed its hideous mouth on the glass shield, and the teeth turned clockwise, as if it was trying to cut a circular hole in the glass. The boy could hear the sound of its sharp teeth’s cutting through the last barrier between him, and a horrible death.

He tried again to push his father away, not that it would do him any good, but he kept trying. He stopped looking at the ugly monster, and concentrated all his senses on moving his father’s body away from him.

His efforts were interrupted by the round-thin glass that fell on his father’s face, followed immediately by drops of rain, and a louder clicking noise. He looked up, and saw the creature’s body pull itself away from the hole, then it sent three of its tentacles inside.

The tentacles acted as if they had a life of their own. Each tentacle moved in a different way, with no coordination between the three of them. One went to the steering wheel, twisting and turning around it. Another one was squeezing the headrest of the driver’s seat, strangling and pulling it. The last one was making its way toward the passenger’s seat. It went to the radio panel first, and moved down until it reached the cup holder, from there it passed the transmission, and it touched the dead body’s shoulder.

As soon as it did that, the other two tentacles came fast, and the three of them pulled the dead man’s body as if it was light as a pillow. The man’s body slammed against the windshield. But the three tentacles kept pulling. After three or more failed attempts to pull the body through the small hole, more tentacles were sent through the hole. They wrapped the father’s chest and stomach, and pulled him more violently, banging him hard against the glass.

The air coming through the hole revived some of the boy’s energy. He acted without thinking, opening the door and running away from the car.

To his luck the creature was kept busy trying to pull a grown man’s body through a tiny hole. The boy kept running in a straight line, not knowing where he’s headed. He felt a huge relief when his shoes hit the rough surface of the asphalt, he was lucky to head in the right direction.

He stood in the middle of the road, waiting for any car to pass by. He thought that getting run over was better than getting eaten if the passing car didn’t stop.

The passing seconds felt like hours to the frightened kid. His feel of relief quickly faded away into fearing that no car will ever pass by this deserted road. He was about to leave the road and continue running away, when he saw the lights on an incoming car.

To be continued…


This took me a lot longer to write than usual. I wanted to write it as a complete short story and finish it here and now. But I have to run now, so I maybe I’ll finish it later today. If not, I’ll catch you all tomorrow. 🙂


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