Broken Glasses, and a Really Bad Story

Frustration levels = High.

Current mood = “Don’t talk to me too much or one of us will lose his teeth”

Why are you so low today, Marc?

Because I stepped on my glasses and nearly destroyed them :(.

It is so frustrating to look at the world through titled glasses!

But what did I say before?


That’s right! So no matter the mood, no matter the circumstances, I’m writing something; even if I have to let my hand dance on the keyboard for the heck of it (and write something like this: DJKLFHADSFH!)

So, let me tell you a freakin’ story right now and get it over with (WARNING: There is no sensible ending to this story) :

There was a man named John (Yup! no fancy names this time, not in the mood to create one) He woke up one day in his messy apartment, and he was late for work. He ran to the bathroom, slipped on the wet floor, and fell on his back. After the little unicorns stopped running in circles in front of him, he got up real quick, washed his face, brushed his awesome teeth, and stormed out of the bathroom, only to step on his freakin’ glasses that he left on the floor for some reason.

But John didn’t care about no glasses, he was a cool guy. So he said “I don’t care, I’m too cool for these round lenses” So he dressed up for work, and went out of the door, it was 08:30 A.M.

He reached work at 10:30 A.M. And had to explain to his boss why he missed the exit on the highway three times. His boss didn’t even know that Johnny wore glasses in the first place, and deducted the hour and a half from his salary. But John didn’t care about no salary, he was a cool guy. So he said “I don’t care, I’m too cool for money”

Then John went to his cubical, and spent half an hour trying to log on to his computer. Only it wasn’t his computer, and wasn’t his cubical, it was Derek’s, and he just returned to find someone sitting on his chair. Derek doesn’t like to share his chair…

Derek was not a cool guy in Johnny’s book. Tall, fit, handsome, and great hair does not constitute a cool guy. Cool meant to be cool. When you’re cool you don’t care about stuff, you’re just chillin’ all the way. Yeah baby!

So Derek asked John “WTF are you doin’ in my desk, John?” which startled John and made him spin the chair twice to face the original owner of the cubical.

“Chill out, dude. It’s not the end of world.” said John. And he got up and went to his cubical, which was on the other far end of the office. He fired up his PC, and checked his email. His buddy, Carl, sent him some NSFW images(which was the only thing Carl did during working hours). And John was cool, so he forwarded the images to his other friend, Harry; only he didn’t send them to Harry, he sent them to Henry, his boss.

The warning notice was sent immediately to John’s office. But John didn’t care about no freakin’ memo, he was a cool guy. So he said “I don’t care, I’m too cool for a job” And he spent the next few hours exchanging files with Carl.

It was 05:00 pm now, time to head back home. And John did just that, he was home by 06:59 pm, that damn exit kept eluding him.

He threw himself on the couch, turned on the TV, and couldn’t see a thing. “I don’t care about the stupid TV” he said to himself as he turned it off.

Thirty minutes have past, with him sitting idly on the couch. He took a deep breath, let out huge sigh. Then he cried himself to sleep.



So there you have it. That’s the best I could do without throwing my tilted glasses and smash them on the wall.

I hope you all had a better day than I had, and catch you all tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Broken Glasses, and a Really Bad Story

  1. My day is peachy and so is yours when you think on it. It’s a good day when all you have to irritate you is squished glasses. I’ll trade your squished glasses for my brother…and then we’ll see what you have to say 🙂

    • Well my broken glasses can be fixed in minutes, so… I think I’ll keep them 🙂
      But seriously now, the broken glasses marked the end of a very bad week. It’s funny that I was tolerant for many bad thing throughout this week, and finally snapped when my glasses broke 🙂

      • Ah now I can completely sympathize. It is always the very small trivial things that are the down fall of us. Hope tomorrow is the start of a better string of days. BTW, the brother/glasses trade offer still stands.

      • I hope it is for all of us. As for the offer, I’ll accept if your brother is a video game nerd, I can handle him. But if he is a brave-little adventurer who loves to look for treasure in the kitchen drawers, and kill monsters on top of cabinets, then I will have to decline 🙂 I’m barely handling one small heroin in my house, and she has a high sense of duty:D I’m assuming, of course, that your brother is young 🙂

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