The Knight And The Crazy Old Man – Part9

Greetings, my dear readers,

Today was my last day with the monkeys; I will not see them for a whole month, yay!

If you haven’t, read the previous parts: Part1Part2Part3Part4Part5Part6, Part7, and Part8.

I finally got back to continuing this really EPIC fantasy story.

So, let’s not waste any time and delve into it:


Sir Trist, Hylven, and Rother watched in disbelief, as King Shallow destroyed the Shrinkten forces inside Dartom. Young soldiers were torn to pieces, silver and grey knights were killed, and even the horses weren’t spared. The mad giant was advancing through the training grounds, and no one was able to stop him.

The White Knight was the first to snap out of the shock and act. He kicked his horse and rushed into the castle. Hylven was next to follow “My lord! No!” he called after him.

Sir Trist was already crossing the southern gate. He screamed at his men “Get out of the way! You fools! Get out of the King’s way!” The White Knight had noticed that the King attacked only the people in front of him, there were soldiers near him that he didn’t touch because they weren’t blocking his way. Sir Boygle was holding his sword in front of the King when he heard Trist’s words; he barely dodged King Shallow’s striking hand and rolled out of the way, and found truth in the White Knight’s words when the King didn’t attack him again, even though he was still within the Giant’s reach. Boygle immediately echoed Sir Trist’s words, “Make way for the King! Move your filthy asses to the walls!” The path in front of the giant was immediately cleared, young soldiers and veteran knights lined up in groups adjacent to the west and eastern walls, and it turned out that Sir Trist was right. The King didn’t go after the men; he walked slowly, deeper into the fortress.

Sir Trist followed the King, keeping a safe distance between them. Hylven caught up with him at the middle of the training grounds,

“My Lord, the King is not acting by his own will, someone is controlling his mind” said the young knight.

“Tell me something I don’t know already, lad!” said the White Knight.

Hylven was bewildered by the old knight’s response “How did you…?”

The White Knight spoke calmly “I have served the King long before he decided to cut all ties with the world. I have spoken with him, laughed with him, and fought the dwarves with him. He loved his people, wanted them to thrive after he was long gone. The King I knew would never slaughter his men like this. And the dwarves were already aware of his condition before he arrived here. To think that they would sink this low, and succumb to the use of magic…”

The great hall, at the end of the training grounds, used to be the Svarganian King’s royal court. It was used now as a dining and meeting hall for the soldiers in the fortress. King Shallow stopped at the gate of the hall, and the three knights stopped their horses immediately. Every single human eye was on the old giant as he regarded the door, wondering what he will do next.

A cry from an archer on top of the western wall almost startled every human inside Dartom, “Sir Trist! The dwarves, dwarven soldiers are marching to the southern gate!”

This grim news was followed immediately by a thundering scream by the giant King. He went berserk again and destroyed the gate leading to the great hall, and headed inside.

The White Knight didn’t have to issue any orders, Sir Vaulhime was already halfway up the stairs to the archers, and Sir Boygle pointed his sword at the fallen gate and shouted “Barricade the gate! Swords and spears on the defense, Horses ride with me to meet our bloody guests!” Everyone sprang into action. Carriages carrying large-pointed logs were moved to block the opening in the wall, soldiers lined up behind the barricade, and Boygle was already outside with the remaining grey knights. He inspected the barricade and the soldiers behind it, then he pointed his sword at them “You will not fear the dwarves! You will fear me! If one strand of hair from a bloody dwarf’s beard gets past the barricade, I will make you all wish you choked on your mother’s tits and died happy! Is that clear?!” The soldiers responded by banging their swords on their shields three times, and then gave a loud cry. Sir Boygle kicked his horse and charged at the incoming dwarves from the west, with only fifteen grey knights behind him.

Sir Trist, Hylven, and Rother followed the King inside the great hall, he moved slowly, destroying any table or chair that stood in his way. He stopped in front of the old throne, and the three followers stopped also. Hylven was suddenly aware that it was getting harder to breath. Little by little, the candles around the hall were being extinguished, and after a moment the three knights saw the dust on the floor and the tables, and the black smoke from the dead candles, get sucked to a point high above the crown. It condensed in dark-brown sphere, and was getting smaller, until it all exploded, filling the hall with a grey cloud of dust and smoke, and when it cleared, the knights saw a small figure floating in the air where the sphere was. King Shallow spoke for the first time since he went berserk; his sound was deep and echoed around the hall,


Sir Boygle and the grey knights, with the help of Sir Vaulhime’s archers, were keeping the dwarven attacking units away from the broken gate. Bolghon cursed at his soldiers for being held back by such a small unit. But the coordinated movement of the grey knights with the accurate aim of the archers at the command of Vaulhime was something new to the dwarves. It was like a rain of arrows would always hit just before Boygle’s men clashed with any of the dwarven units. They wiped the entire attacking force, when Bolghon gave the order to his entire army to attack. Sir Boygle turned to the sound of the dwarven horn; he and the rest of his unit could hear the small, humming sound of the marching army from afar. He spat at them “Come to your deaths, you foul creatures” then he headed back to fortress.

To be continued…



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