Writing Practice: Mr. Knowit and the Motherly Love.

Greetings, my lovely fans.

I don’t mind you stalking me wherever I go…

Today I return to Mr. Knowit and his squire, the boy. These short stories are a break away from the daunting task of continuing a long story.

You can find the previous story of Mr. Knowit right here

So let’s get to it, shall we?


“Do you think it is possible to put more effort into it, boy?” said Mr. Knowit. My arms were about to be ripped off from the shoulders as I pulled on the ropes with all my strength. Why don’t you stop complaining and help me, you crazy old fool! I wished I could tell him. But I couldn’t breathe. If I released the air from my lungs, I would be swept away with the baby dragon. This creature is unbelievable! I mean, the beast has just hatched from its egg! It was stupid enough to fall into the trap, but it’s too damn strong for me to hold it in place. “Oh, boy. I wish you could see Ramon catching a dragon…” I couldn’t believe this old man. Here I am, fighting for my life with a hungry-young beast, and this creep is reminiscing about his old-perfect squire.

The dragon’s wings twitched. Which was not a good sign. If the bloody fiend realized that it could fly, I’ll become reptile food in no time. I still don’t know why I agreed to tie the rope to my waist.

“C’mon, boy, hold it together. It won’t be long before the mother arrives”

“The Mothe-” I lost my balance and the dragon was able to run, dragging my face along the dirt with it. I miraculously regained my footing and stopped the beast. “Did you just say the mother, Mr. Knowit? Why?”

“Why? You ask me why? Why of course to check up on her child you dimwit!” said The old man.

My legs were shaking from exhaustion “I’m sorry… Sir. I meant, why are we… waiting for the … mother?” I could barely breath.

Suddenly, I fell hard on my back. For some reason the baby dragon stopped struggling, right after we heard the thundering sound of its mother’s roar. I stood up immediately, and searched the sky. The mother came piercing through the thick clouds, like a huge spear. I was sure she was going to hit us, but the big dragon landed about twenty meters in front of us, and it landed hard, shaking the ground, and throwing me off my feet again.

I was already up on one knee, when I saw light increasing in the dragon’s mouth. Before I could make any other move, I was engulfed in light, intense light, and too much heat. Then it was gone, but I was still blinded from it. When my vision returned I was baffled by the fact that I survived the dragon’s breath. The ropes were gone, evaporated, and the baby dragon ran to its mother.

Mr. Knowit’s voice came from far away “See? It works! I told those PINHEADS it will work!”

“Mr. Knowit?” I looked around and couldn’t find him, “Where are you?!”

“As long as you can hear me, boy, you have no business knowing where I am.”

“You ran away and left me!” I was furious. And the dragon was still confused why I wasn’t a pile of ashes by now.

“Watch your rotten tongue, you brainless creature! There is a difference between running away like a frightened little girl, and a fine tactical retreat” His voice was getting further.

“…No! you just ran away and left me!” The dragon was getting ready for another blast.

“Silence, boy! My skin is allergic to the moondust lotion. I make it, but I don’t use it. You should be thankful to me it works just as I predicted” Now he wants me to be thankful?

I could barely hear him when he said “I suggest you run away now, boy. The lotion doesn’t work twice.”

“And now you tell me?” I turned and dashed into the trees. The sound of the fire building up in the Mother’s mouth was too loud for my comfort, I wasn’t going to make it. Then I heard the blast, and felt the heat of the fire as it raced through the trees, faster than I could ever be.

I was suddenly grabbed by the back of my neck and pulled down into a cavity in a large tree. The fire burned from left and right, and was gone in a second. I pulled my face from the mud, and saw Mr. Knowit, smiling.

“Good thing you didn’t die, boy. For a second there, I thought I’ll have to look for another squire, a very daunting task, I hate interviewing fools like you again”

I was too tired to say anything, and my mouth was full of mud.

Mr. Knowit suddenly sprang to his feet, his face so bright in happiness “Well, the lotion worked just as I said it would!”

Then he looked to the sky and shouted “Now don’t you ever question me, you filthy-good-for-nothing bastards. When I say it works, I KNOW it works!” I had no idea who he was talking to.

“Get up, boy, we still have more work to do. And wipe the mud of your face, will you? You don’t need any more help to look ugly”

I coughed, and mud got into my eyes.


There you have it, another day, another story.

I would like to apologize to my dear fan, Timmy, for not attending his parents’ wedding. But don’t worry, Tim, I will try my best to attend your first birthday, February 23, 2018.

Thank for reading, everyone. And catch you all tomorrow.


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