Writing Practice: The Last Species – Part3

Greetings, my soon-to-line-up-at-book-stores-to-buy-my-great-novel fans, I can measure the line’s length already.

Part3 of The Last Species is right here.

But unfortunately, there is no cliffhanger ending this time. Because a magician cast a spell on my day and made it shorter, so what can I do?

Anyway, let’s get on with the story,


Movies, video games, and novels give us our expectations for situations that we never experience in real life. We have expectations for how aliens would look like, how robots would behave, and how a city would be after a zombie break.

Now, this was not a zombie break, but it wasn’t that different. Predators, were chasing after human meat. Only, instead of brainless-rotten zombies, we were hunted by animals, all kinds of animals.

I expected to see the city in ruins. I thought I’d see people panicking, cars crashing, fires, and screams, but there was none of that. The drive to the hospital was smooth as silk. I did hear different sirens of police cars or other ambulances passing by us, and I heard some gunshots fired once or twice, and that’s it.

The back door of the car opened as soon as we stopped at the hospital. I was forced to lie down on a stretcher, despite telling the nurses that I could walk just fine. As they dragged me inside, I saw several police officers guarding the entrance, each one carrying a shotgun or an assault rifle.

I was lucky that whatever caused the animals to got nuts, was not in their blood, or at least it wasn’t infectious. I was not infected by any strange virus. Thank God for that, this day was bad enough without the need for all the victims at the hospital to start a biting extravaganza all of a sudden, and there were many victims, the ER section was crowded. And there were people who got it much worse than I had. After some stitching and a couple of shots, I was good to leave, if it wasn’t for Linda. She was still unconscious, but the doctor said she was not in danger anymore. I sat on a chair beside her bed, and something was not right. I saw almost fifteen dogs go inside her house, And I was nearly torn to pieces by three dogs, if it weren’t for the cops’ quick intervention. But Linda’s injuries were not more than what the cat did to her. The dogs haven’t even touched her, and I wondered why.

A nurse came to check on Linda, and I was in the way, so I got up, and decided to go outside, away from all the noise, but was denied to do so by two officers who were guarding the exit door, no one was allowed to leave. According to them, the streets aren’t safe yet, the authorities will arrange to transport us back to our homes.

So I settled for roaming the corridors, and found my way to the cafeteria. It was crowded as well, but luckily there was no one screaming in pain, people who didn’t need anymore medical treatment were waiting here. The chairs were all taken, and the floor was invisible underneath those sitting on it, all facing the TV.

I was fortunate enough to find an empty spot on the counter. I sat between two male nurses, and directed my attention to the wall-mounted screen. It showed a live feed of the city from a helicopter. Some of the crowd gasped in fear when the camera suddenly zoomed in on three dogs feasting on a poor man who was struggling and screaming in agony. The view immediately switched to the studio, showing that the anchorman shared the same shock as everyone.

“Mr. Roy Hatchett, the mayor of the city, has insisted that the situation is under control, he urged all…”

The screen turned black, the signal was gone. People started talking to each other.

The nurse on my right spoke “This is crazy, man” I was about to reply, when the nurse on my left responded “I know. They all just went berserk at the same time!”

“Did you check the Internet?” said the first nurse “It’s the same all around the world”

“The whole world?” The nurse was startled by my sudden burst. “You mean the animals are going nuts everywhere?”

“It seems like it” He said “Here, see for yourself” And he handed me his phone. He was on Twitter, #apocalypse, was written in the search field. I read many tweets from people reporting the same behavior of the animals in their regions, many of them weren’t even in English. I gave the phone back, not knowing what to say.

To be continued…


Bad! Really bad, I know…

Tough times, wizards shortening days…
Catch you all tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Writing Practice: The Last Species – Part3

  1. I don’t think it’s bad. Stories like this could attract attention from younger readers–maybe a young adult book or a book for the middle grades with a little less violence. Boys like action. I wonder if your main character would go out and fight or know a secret that could reverse the animals’ mania. 🙂

    • Thanks for your much-appreciated words of encouragement. As for what the main character might do, I’m trying to figure out what I would do in a situation like this. I also want to explore the idea of humans vs other species, who would win?
      Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment 🙂

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