This is why I love fantasy

Image via Flickr Creative Commons, taken by Stuart erwlas

Image via Flickr Creative Commons, taken by Stuart erwlas

The image above, by the great photographer, Stuart erwlas (check his photos on Flickr) is a visual explanation of why I love the fantasy genre. This image is more fantastic, to me, than all the great paintings that would have elves, dwarves, or dragons.

In this image, I can imagine a group of adventurers, traveling on a quest to unknown lands. They would encounter wonders beyond their wildest imaginations. Golems, witches, orcs, and dragons await them.

In this fantastic world, many stories would unfold. Stories of love, betrayal, wars, alliances, and friendship. All of them set under a spell of imagination and wonder.

I’m always moved by pictures like this. I feel it calling to me, urging me to hurry up and have the adventure of my life. I have a sudden feel of loneliness, as if I’m missing out on something.

Maybe that is enough reason for me to come up with the stories of these grand adventures. To live them in my head and commit them to paper, or screen, and share them with the people of my world.


5 thoughts on “This is why I love fantasy

  1. The majestic landscapes are a big part of what draws me to reading fantasy – I don’t even need elves and magic and dark lords and dangerous quests, just give me the mountains and the pathless forests and sweeping plains…

    And those feelings you describe, I have those as well.

  2. Yes. This. This is why I travel. Nothing has inspired me more than stepping into forests carpeted with mosses or standing on a mountain ledge looking out into the world. Sometimes the simplest things are the most profoundly fantastical.

    • I agree with you totally. I think a fast-paced life in the city is the worst killer of imagination. I try to make time every weekend to leave the city, and go to a beautiful, natural place, and sit alone for a while. I get all kinds of ideas when I’m there. It beats trying to squeeze your brain in front of a white screen.

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