I Want to Punch Someone Right Now!

It’s so frustrating today. I can’t write a single story, or even a small part of one. Is this what they call writer’s block? I spent the whole day staring at the blank screen. I’m only writing this to keep the blog updated daily, as I’ve promised myself. But it’s really annoying when you don’t get the flow of ideas. Maybe my mind is too occupied today to come up with stories, I don’t know.

When I get a story in my head, it feels nice, and writing becomes fun. But I don’t know what is the deal with me today.

Maybe I should spend the rest of the day reading a novel instead.

See you guys tomorrow, and I apologize for not writing any story today.


4 thoughts on “I Want to Punch Someone Right Now!

  1. Reading or doing something physical. That kind of activity releases endorphins and increases circulation to the brain. Anything you do besides sitting in front of the screen will be good. Often the muse catches us off guard. One more thing–I know a period of rest after extreme mental taxation is often the time when people spark ideas. 🙂

    • I haven’t thought about physical activities actually. Maybe that is what I need. Thanks again Michelle 🙂

      Hopefully I’ll have something to write by tomorrow.

  2. The fact that you are writing is success in itself. Most people wilt at the sight of writer’s block. Something else to consider, too, is that when stressed your brain reaches for the comfortable and rejects anything unfamiliar or new… which in most cases involves rejecting creative writing because it calls upon your imagination and ability to suspend your own belief to write something other people will accept as “real.”
    Nonetheless, stress causes stupidity. Stress also causes a funnel, meaning all your thoughts, ideas, and concepts that don’t fit through to smaller end get discarded for the sake of “emotional survival.”
    I hope I’m not overstepping any boundaries here, but if I weren’t, then how would we ever get along in this world as writers? Consider taking a moment to ask questions:
    What’s your story about?
    Who are the characters?
    Why are they in conflict with one another?
    Which type of action, conversation, or inner-dialog will portray those conflicts?
    Do you know the end of your story?
    Can you tentatively explain how your MC will reach the end of the story?
    I find asking myself these kinds of questions when “blocked” open up my mind and ease it back into creativity.
    Also, you could always approach things like Ernest Hemingway and write a True statement as the first sentence and build from there.
    Keep writing, no matter the mood!!!

    • Dear Chris, let me start by saying that you are not overstepping anything! I can’t thank you enough for taking some of your own time to write these much appreciated words; they bring nothing but joy to my heart. I like your list of questions and will be sure to use them to get out of my dreadful block 🙂

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