I Suck at Describing Stuff!

Actually I suck at every writing aspect. But now I’m going to talk only about describing anything like people, places, rooms, etc.

So, here’s an idea! How about I don’t talk about it, and practice it instead?

Well, I think it’s a really good idea. So let me just start:

1- Describing a dude:

He was a tall, dark-skinned, bearded dude.

(I don’t know why, but that sounded really funny in my head. And not in a good way)

2- Describing a room:

The room was nice. It had a big table in the middle, with six chairs around it. The black-stone hearth housed a warming fire. On one side, there were shelves heavy with books. Facing these shelves, on the opposite wall, was a big window, hiding behind a dark brown curtain.

(I picture this room in my head, and it doesn’t look very nice)

3- Describing a village:

Bullnose was a nice town, despite the name. It was very quiet and peaceful. The villagers didn’t talk much. And there were no stores, only Tommy’s Butcher. Bullnosers loved their meat…

(I need to stop before this gets too weird)

4- Describing a Monster(Yea Baby!) :

Angryjoe was a very hideous beast. It looked like a giant bear. Except that it had no fur. Instead, it had a shiny, golden, snake-like skin. In the middle of its stomach was a huge mouth, with a big-dark tongue hanging out. It had four eyes, two where you’d expect them to be, and the other pair were on its nipples.

(OK…  That’s enough!)

I need more practice.


2 thoughts on “I Suck at Describing Stuff!

  1. This is tough for many authors–especially describing characters without it sounding like an information dump. Try pairing actions, dialogue, and/or thought with the description of your character. If you point out something physical, make sure the narrator is noticing it for a reason. It sticks out–the character is larger than life. 🙂

    • Thanks for the like and valuable advice, Michelle. Like you said, I can’t find a reason for describing a character. But I also struggle with the words. My vocabulary is lacking badly. Nothing to remedy that like practice I guess.

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