The Knight And The Crazy Old Man – Part 10

Hylven tried to make sense of the floating figure. Its human shape was hardly visible behind the cloud of dust and smoke that whirled around it. The King had just called it Vazrill. But how could that be? thought the young knight. According to the story he was told by the old man, the dark wizard lived hundreds of years ago. He can’t be alive now. But then again, the King has been acting in madness this entire day; he could be simply blurting out random words from his memory.

The King spoke to the dark figure, slowly, “You will not succeed. There are things that are beyond your reach. The world of men will thrive. We have made sure of it.”
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This Blog is Still Alive!

I am not dead yet. I’m currently writing the next installment for one of my stories. It should be up on the blog real soon.

Stuff happened. Will tell you about it later.

Guess What! My PC is Out Of Its Coma!!

Oh glorious-high-tech-insanely-advanced device, I welcome you back to the mad world of the living. Nothing much has changed while you were out. The sky it still blue, we haven’t burned the sun – yet, and no, your kind did not take over the world, enslaving us in the process – also yet.

So my PC suddenly decided to work on its own. I re-plugged the stupid box today and pushed the start button, just for the heck of it. And instead of just turning its fans, and do nothing else, the damn machine came to life; its screen staring at me, like nothing ever happened.

So now I’m in a dilemma, do I smash the thing into pieces for abandoning me all this time? Β Or do I forgive and forget, and type my brains out instead? Hmm…

Well, I guess it’s going to be typing my brains out after all, you lucky-multiprocessing bastard (-_-)


Life is So Precious

This is something that I want to get off my chest right now. So I apologize for the depressing tone that my words may carry, or if it doesn’t make any sense to the reader. (I am really depressed right now)

The gift of life, the greatest gift that we have ever been given, has been the most unappreciated gift throughout the history of mankind.

We never seem to run out of reasons to destroy these gifts.

There is always something…

There will always be something…

And this saddens me. It is the one thing that haunt my dreams, and disturb my sleep.

Life was given to be appreciated, cherished, and lived to its full potential.

Life is not a toy for some of us to manipulate to their own liking. Life is not a prize to bargain with. Life is not a game, but many people seem to think of it as such.

And it is a shame, really. For we, as human beings, have the potential to live a whole different life. We CAN do it!

There is no justifiable reason for the way things are now.


As individuals, we begin in life, young, and naive. Then we grow up, and laugh at how stupid we used to be.

Well, as an entire species, we are still very, very, young and ignorant indeed.

I wonder if we will ever grow up, before it’s too late…

I hope for a different future, when students will study about us in history books, and marvel at the very idea that we used to kill each other.

The Dangerous Life of an Author

When he happens to be a lousy driver. After my previous post, I went outside, and crashed my car, stupidly, into a light pole. The accident is too embarrassing for me to go in detail about it. I’ll just say that my car is without a rear bumper right now.

Man! Talk about a bad day, huh πŸ™‚

The sad part is that, aside from the money I’ll pay to fix the car, one of my friends saw the whole thing. So I can’t tell people now that I heroically sacrificed the rear bumper while I was trying to stop an enemy of justice. At least I would’ve gotten their sympathy and respect, instead of enduring all the jokes that I’ll be hearing tomorrow for sure. Now, where did I leave that invisibility cloak? Hmm…

Authors Beware, Back up your Stuff

I just wrote a very long story, on my phone. I’ve been working on it for days. And when I was just about to upload it today, I got logged out of the wordpress program for some reason. When I logged back in, all my drafts were gone πŸ˜₯

So I just thought I should give this advice to all my fellow writers: back up, back up, do more back up, and then back up again.

Did I make myself clear? BACK UP YOUR POSTS! ALRIGHT!

Now let me get back to rewriting that stupid story πŸ˜₯

Writing Everyday is Cool, Posting is Not!

For me, at least.

I set my goal, when I started this blog, to post a story, or part of a story, everyday. This was to push myself to practice writing daily. But after doing it for a couple of weeks, I found that having to publish my story on the same day that I’m writing it had its limits. I was forced to spend most of my day thinking about a proper ending for my 1000 words that I wrote for that day. That time could have been spent writing an additional five hundred, or maybe another thousand words.

For the past two days I did not post any stories, but I was working on one. It is a different approach to my training routine that I will test in the coming weeks.

What about you, my dear friends? How often do you blog? And how often do you think you should blog?

Writing Pratcice: Silent Death


My PC is still dead 😦

Meaning, I’m still writing on my phone, which is so hard for me. I HATE touch-screen typing.

That’s why I’m not in the mood to continue any of my on-going stories.

So here is another scrabble of a story instead, just too keep up with my daily writing requirements.


It was raining all night. And it was very silent, no lightning, no thunder, and no wind, only the sound of constant rain drops, smashing on the windshield and the roof of the grey Rav4. The driver’s body rested on his seat, his head titled slightly to the left. The stench of his blood filled the enclosed air inside the car, his son in the back seat has already vomited twice from nausea.

The 15-year-old kid couldn’t get out of the car, it was pitch-black dark outside, and it was still out there, looking for him, waiting for him to make the smallest sound. Continue reading

Where Does A Story Come From?

Ok, here is the deal, My PC is down, and I’m setting in my car, in a parking lot, waiting for someone to finish doing something (God help him).

So, I thought, why not write something about some stuff?

Yes, please, you say?

Alrighty then, I wouldn’t turn you guys down no matter what, wouldn’t want to displease my future fans πŸ™‚

Let’s talk about stories. What makes a story interesting? What makes a reader want to read your book?

Is it the mystery of it? Is it the need to find out the ending of whatever happened in the beginning?

Or is it the setting? Does the world or the time period you write in draws the readers to your novel?

Maybe it’s in the characters. Does an interesting character marks the main attracting element to your work?

Or Is it a combination of all these things? And if it is, how exactly does a writer go about creating a story from these elements?

Let me rephrase the last question: From where do you begin to think about a story?

Is it correct to assume that a story in its purest form is actually pretty simple?

I’m asking this because when I set out to write a story, I tend to think about the setting, or the incidents, first, and I keep writing on and on, until I get lost in the process.

So, what I want to ask you, my friends, is this: How do you begin to think about creating a story? Do you create a foundation, and build your whole story around it? Or do you write it as it comes, and sort it out later?