Words are Magic!

At least, some authors’ words are.

I only need to read the first two or three pages of a book by an author like Terry Pratchett to realize that I am at the “garbage” level. Boy, do I have a looong way to go!

I’ve always been “interested” in writing. But I’ve never wrote that much. However, After starting this blog, and writing daily for a week, I’m starting to see words and writing in a whole new light.

Words are interesting. Different combinations of them give you different effects. There are recipes to make people laugh, cry, wonder, and fear. Words are magic.

I wish I can join the ranks of the “Word Magicians” someday, and it won’t heart anyone if that “someday” is like… tomorrow!

What? Too soon? Ok I’ll settle for the day after tomorrow, and you guys should be thankful I’m that generous.


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