The Knight And The Crazy Old Man – Part7

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Too many monkeys today! I could barely write a sentence without interruption!

I’m happy to tell you that I’ll be signing my books in my room today, alone, so that no one can claim them to be his own. I bought those books with my hard-earned money, thief!

If you haven’t, read the previous parts: Part1Part2Part3Part4, Part5, and Part6

Anyway, Let us continue our fantastic journey, through the great plains of Shrinkshard, and follow the young knights, as they try to stop their king from reaching the great fortress, Dartom:


Rother was silent for a long moment. Hylven had just told him that they were Svarganians. The proud knight did not like this fact at all. But he found it hard to doubt. Earlier this day, Rother was about to leave his house, when Hylven entered through the main door. He told him that the King has gone mad and asked him to wait outside the city, and guide people to the forest. Rother complied immediately. He knew his friend since childhood. Hylven has always been up to pranks, but he always carried them with a smile. He was never good at playing serious. That’s why, when Rother saw his friend telling the strange news with a straight face, he believed him immediately.

But the whole story about Svargania was a different matter. He wouldn’t have considered believing it, if it was not for the bloody king walking in front of him. The mad giant was approaching Red Hill. It could be seen from a far distance, standing tall in the middle of the great plains.

The hill wasn’t red, of course. It got its name from the last battle between the humans and the dwarves. It was also King Shallow’s last battle. The dwarves, at the command of their King, Galgon, launched an all-out attack to reclaim the lands of Shrinkshard. When their armies reached the great plains, they saw King Shallow standing tall on top of the great hill. He was wearing the white armor. His hands rested on his great sword in front of him. He was like a great statue, built by the hands of thousand men. There were no human armies with him. The dwarves respected his courage, and directed their entire forces against him.

The giant king moved gracefully. His sword was like a feather in his hands. The battle continued through the night. And when the sun rose again, the green grass of the highland had turned red. Dwarven blood ran down the slopes of the hill, staining King Galgon’s boots, as he witnessed his army get torn to pieces by Shallow. The Shrinkten King gave a deafening scream, and the human armies arrived from the east and north. Galgon had no choice but to retreat.

From that day, the great highland was named Red Hill.

Rother finally spoke “I will ask how you got to know all this later. But what do we need to do now?”

Hylven’s anger built up as he remembered the wizard’s answer to this question “I… don’t know” He said, with regret in his eyes. “Your King, single-handedly, defeated the entire dwarven army. I have no Idea what you can do” Hylven was livid “You’re joking, right? How can you not know? After everything you’ve told me, do you expect me to believe that you really don’t know?” The wizard’s voice echoed in the small cabin “Do not take me for someone I’m not! I didn’t claim to know everything there is to know! I don’t know what I didn’t read or witness. I can only give you all the information that, I think, will increase your chances of defeating this evil. That, and you can use my cabin to aid you in your quest” He hunched more in his chair, and Hylven could sense the sadness in his voice when he said “The rest, is up to you”

The King was on top of Red Hill now. And Rother was restless “You haven’t answered me, friend! We haven’t -“

Rother’s words were interrupted by a loud-thundering scream. The earth shook, and the knights were barely able to stop their horses from running away. The King went berserk again, and exploded into a dash toward the fortress.

Now all the knights could do was try to keep up with him.


The dwarves surrounded Dartom. They were still outside the range of the archers. Sir Trist stood on the western wall and regarded their troops. Sir Boygle and Sir Vaulhime were with him. “Those traitorous Hell spawns!” cursed Sir Boygle. “We can’t hold them for long if they decided to attack now. We must send a message to Sir Boshvack” said the more calm Vaulhime. Sir Trist’s eyes were fixed on the dwarven commander. He was visibly bigger than other dwarves. He wore a black armor, that matched his great black beard. His bull was also black, or maybe a very dark brown.

The White Knight suddenly headed for the stairs, “Follow me, knights”

The silver knights glanced at each other momentarily, and followed him. They went to the stables, mounted their horses, and headed for the western gate. Sir Trist, wanted to meet the dwarven leader.

The gate opened, and the three knights rode their horses half way to the dwarven army. behind them, the archers readied their arrows, and the remaining knights were ready on their horses by the open gate.

Sir Trist didn’t have to wait long. The dwarven leader marched alone to meet him. The White Knight didn’t like to let the dwarf show he fearlessness alone, “You two go back to the gate” The knights didn’t argue with him, and returned to join the rest of the knights at the gate.

The White Knight and the dwarven warrior were face to face. Sir Trist spoke without showing any emotion “I thought the dwarves were too proud to break their treaties”

The Dwarven leader pointed his finger at the knight “Watch your words, human. We broke no truce!”

The White Knight spoke in the same cold manner “Do not mock me, dwarf. Your King signed a peace treaty with King Shallow. What are your armies doing here”

The dwarf smiled, his teeth barely showing under his thick mustache “Your King is no more, human. And without your King, there is no truce. We shall take our land back. You can surrender to your fate now. Or struggle in vein”

To be continued…




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