The Knight and The Crazy Old Man – Part6

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Another day, another thousand words, give or take a few hundreds.

Today is a really beautiful day. As I always like to say :

Today is a really beautiful day!

If you haven’t, read the previous parts: Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, and Part5

Now Let us continue this once-in-a-life-time-opportunity-for-you-to-read-a-really-epic story:


Mount Svarg was named after the legendary country that lies to the north of it, Svargania. It is said that Svargania is much lower than Shrinkshard. That’s why no Svarganian was ever able to cross over. The southern side of the mountain, is also so steep, it is impossible to climb.

This is why many people consider the whole country of Svargania to be only a legend, since there is no evidence of its existence, save for a few ancient writings that are kept in the library of the royal castle.

These ancient documents give a frightening image of the Svarganians. They dabbled in the Black Arts, killed children in rituals, and concurred every country they could reach. But they could never climb Mount Svarg.


Yurdin was lucky enough to get out of the capital city alive. When he reached the gates, there were so many people evacuating. They moved slowly, too slow for Yurdin’s liking. But the real chaos happened when the King showed up behind the crowd. People started trampling each other. And the King made it worse when he went berserk, and started attacking the unlucky men and women in the back. Yurdin looked behind him, people were tossed like small dolls, those were the lucky ones, the terrorized guard saw his King lift a man by his nick, and rip his arms and legs clean from his body. Fortunately, he was already crossing the gate by then. Rother was outside.

The grey knight was facing the gate, “Head to the forest, people. No, to the forest, everyone, to the forest, hurry!” Yurdin ran up to him “Rother!” he said. “Yurdin, hurry up to the forest, now!” shouted the knight. Yurdin was confused “What is going on! The King has gone crazy!” Rother held him by the shoulders and shook him “I said hurry to the forest, Yurdin! If you don’t want to get killed like the rest of them, move NOW!”

Yurdin finally headed to the forest with the rest of the people. Rother waited to guide as many people as possible to the forest before the King reached the gate. And when he did, Rother was carrying a woman’s child and running with her to the forest.

The mad King, just like Hylven said, did not go the eastern forest. He headed north, walking slowly.

Yurdin jumped over a small stream when he noticed the fog creeping around him. In a moment, he could barely see 10 steps ahead. He remembered what Hylven had told him, and sat down, resting his back on a tree. And just when he was about to feel relieved, the image of the King amputating a man jumped in front of his eyes. His heart beat faster, and he sweated heavily. So he got up back again, determined to head deeper into the forest, away from the reach of the giant King. He stopped when he heard the sound of an approaching horse from the depth of the forest. And it wasn’t long before Hylven emerged from the fog, riding his horse, Charger.

The knight stopped to look at his friend “Yurdin. I’m glad that you made it here”

Yurdin’s voice was shaking “I’m lucky to be standing here. But, what is going on, Hylven? Please tell me!”

Hylven smiled to calm him “I wish I had the time to ease your fears, friend. But remember what I said, you are safe here, safe enough to sleep right now, and no harm shall come to you” Then he kicked his horse and rushed toward the castle.

Rother gave the crying boy to his mother, after they safely reached inside the forest. He urged her to move “You are both safe now, just keep going deep like everyone else until you reach the fog. It will conceal you from any danger. Go, now!” He had tied his horse, Haste, to a tree nearby. He jumped on the horse and headed to castle. Hylven was beside him when they cleared the forest.

The knights headed north from the castle. It wasn’t long before they caught up with the King. Hylven raised his hand, signaling his friend to slow down. They followed the King from a safe distance.

Now what?” Asked Rother.

The King is heading for Dartom”


You know that King Shallow is a descendant of the Giants who ruled Shrinkshard long ago, right?”


Haven’t you ever wondered where the Giants came from?”

“… No”

Well, I haven’t too. But, earlier today, someone brought it to my attention. He said that the Giants, are from Svargania”

Rother raised his eyebrows “Svargania? What do you…? The Svarganians were humans, that is, if they existed in the first place”

Hylven pulled the reins of his horse “Slow down, Rother. We are getting too close”

The King was walking through the plains. The blood of his victims darkened and dried up. His Blond hair and beard swayed wherever the wind was blowing.

Hylven continued “The Svarganians are humans, you’re right. And apparently, they do exist”


He is heading for Dartom, and you must stop him no matter what.” said the old man.

Why? Why did he have to kill all these people?” asked the shocked Knight.

Listen to me, Hylven. And listen carefully. There is no time for me to repeat these words” The old man waved his hand, and his chair was instantly moved from its place near the hearth, and appeared right behind him, near the door. He pulled himself up the chair and rested his back before he began his explanation.

The Svarganians are a very barbaric people. They have tried to climb the mountain for hundreds of years. But it was beyond their abilities. Until, one day, their King had a visit from a black wizard, Vazrill. He told the King that he will help him conquer the mountain, in exchange for gaining access to his library. The Svarganian Royal Library was sealed underneath the King’s castle. It was a very ancient library that has been closed for centuries. Its contents were forgotten. And the Svarganian Kings kept it protected out of tradition. The King agreed to let Vazrill browse the library to his heart content, if he can really help him climb the soaring mountain.

The wizard gave the King a golden horn. He told him that if he blew in this horn. The Great Giants will come to him, and they will be under his command. They will carry him beyond the mountain, and help him conquer the lands the lie there.

The King went alone to the foot of the mountain. He blew into the horn. And The Giants came. They carried him beyond the mountain, and helped him conquer Darim, the great dwarven empire. He made Dartom his capital city, brought many of the Svarganians to live there, and remained to rule in the fortress for the rest of his life.

Before his death, the Svarganian King hid the horn somewhere in Dartom. He wanted to be remembered as the only king who ruled the Giants.

After he died, the Giants, now free from his control, took to the throne and ruled the Svarganians.

They have been ruling you ever since. But now someone has found the horn in Dartom. and has regained control over King Shallow, the last Giant.”

To be continued…



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