What is it Like to Be a Full-time Writer?

I woke up today, and found out that I will spend most of the day in my car, traveling to the next city for some errands. So unfortunately I can’t write part 5 of the story.

But this blog shall be updated daily, dammit.

Anyway, about the full-time writer thing,

In my little mind, I imagine that writing full-time would be a blast. Your mind would be free from all the demands of your other “real” job. I always fantasize about being able to travel around the world while I’m working on my next masterpiece. Because writing doesn’t require me to be in one place at one time.

But is it really like this? Or does the love relationship fades, and gets replaced with stress and loathing?

I wish I could sit with a full-time writer and ask him what is it like to be him.

I would like to hear your thoughts in the comment section. And I mean all the 3 millions of you, my dear fans.


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