I Hate Names!!

I am so frustrated right now. Maybe it’s because English is not my first language. I don’t know. But coming up with characters’ names is killing me. I was supposed to start today’s installment by introducing 2 new characters. And I had to give them names, actual names, not like Old Man, or the Knight. But for some reason, I kept staring at my screen. The funny thing is, I tried to create names of my own, but every time I come up with one, I find that it’s a real name. I hate you, Google!

Well, guess what! I have already decided to write every day, and I will do it no matter what. So if I can’t come up with clever, meaningful names, I will just choose any name that comes to my mind. I will not care for inconsistency, or if the meaning does not go along with the character’s traits. I will not care if one character’s name is English, and his brother’s name is Chinese. I will pick the names as they come to my mind and continue to write the story.

I will add an FAQ page as soon as possible to point out all these decisions I’ve made.

And now, let me get back to write the next installment in my stupid story, before a fan commits suicide and I get blamed for his death.


2 thoughts on “I Hate Names!!

  1. I like to figure out what year my characters were born and then go on one of those baby name sites to find what names were popular (or not depending on the character) for that year. Sometimes, I think of a trait and search for a name that aligns with that. I might also look for a name in another language that coincides with a character’s traits of symbolism surrounding them. Hope this helps! 🙂

    • Oh snap! the first comment on my blog! I shall give you a cake for that, dear Michelle.

      Thanks for the tip. And I think your method would be wonderful, but I can’t use it if my character’s birthday was the “Second Day of the Eleventh Cycle after the Dragon War”. You see, this is my problem, I’m still figuring out my story as I’m writing it. And it’s a fantasy story, so I guess I will leave the name for later.

      Thanks again, I really appreciate your advice.

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