The Knight and The Crazy Old Man – Part3

Greetings, My loyal readers.

I know, I know. you guys can’t wait for the next installment of my GREAT story.

You can read Part1 and Part2, by clicking on Part1 and Part2, you Highly-Intelligent bastards.

Well, without further ado, let us continue:

King Shallow was sitting in his thrown. His yellow beard was covering half of his belly. He was a giant of a man, taller than any man who stood in front of him, even when he is seated on his throne. It is said that his line descended from the old kings of Shrinkshard, and those guys were huge. But for his enormous size, King Shallow was a very gentle and quite man. He had rarely intervened in his kingdom’s affairs, leaving all the work to his right hand, Sir Falcus, who was sitting on the first chair on the King’s right-hand side of the King’s court. The knight, baffled by the view, stood frozen in his place. He waited for the King, Sir Falcus, or the rest of court to notice him. But none of them did. He suddenly thought that now was a good time to get out of this crazy place, and headed for the door. He found out that he cannot go outside, after he slammed his face in some kind of an invisible wall, just as if the door was closed. He turned to the old man and found him smiling at the accident. “No need to get angry now. I suggest you turn your attention to what is going to happen at the court now.”

The King was spacing out, as usual, while Sir Falcus was arguing with some lords and ministers, also as usual. The knight could see the movement of their lips, but he couldn’t hear them. He searched the view with his eyes and there was nothing out of the ordinary, Just another day at the King’s court. But then, something about the way the King was sitting got his attention. It was not unusual for King Shallow to doze off even in the presence of royal guests. But this time something was off. The knight felt a shiver run through his spine when he began to realize what it was. The King was too still. He was not breathing.

The knight banged on the invisible wall and screamed “Sir Falcus! Look at the King! Sir Falcus” But neither Sir Falcus nor anyone else seemed to hear him. He turned to the wizard and screamed “Let me out! You said you can get me out of here anytime right? The let me out now!” The wizard stood up and came to the door “In a moment, you will thank me for saving your life”

What are you talking about? Open this damn door NOW!” Said the knight before he pulled out his sword.

The wizard didn’t flinch. He raised his eyebrows and gave the knight a firm stare from his huge eyes and said “Do I need to remind you of my powers?” And the entire cabin began to shake as if there was an earthquake. The knight stepped back, and lowered his sword as he remembered the whole “Fire in the Forest” episode. The old man smiled, and the cabin stopped shaking “Good, now come, watch quietly what is about to happen”

Both the knight and the wizard stood side by side at the door and watched. The King was still motionless. And Sir Falcus was still ignorant to his situation. The fact that the King gave him full authority eliminated the need for Sir Falcus to look at the King every now and then. But now the King needed attention.

And he got all the attention when he suddenly stood up. Sir Falcus, and everyone else in the court, turned to the throne. The knight stepped back, startled by the sudden movement of a man he taught to be dead, and was astonished by the King’s towering height. The King was tall enough to amaze anyone while he was sitting on the throne. But now as he stood up, he was just too tall. Sir Falcus was saying something to the King. But the King didn’t seem to hear him. The right hand wanted to climb the stairs to check on his King, but he hesitated on the first step. It was one the most sacred rules that King Shallow has written himself at the day he was crowned. He has forbidden any living creature, no matter who or what it was, from approaching the throne. Doing so was punishable by death, although no one has ever broken the rule. And since this rule applied even to the royal family, Sir Falcus knew that the King would order for his execution without a second thought.

The knight was shouting “Forget about the damn rule, something is wrong with the King!” The wizard put his hand on the invisible barrier and said “You should know by now, it’s useless no matter how loud is your voice.” The knight punched the same barrier “Then remove this cursed wall and let me go in there!” he said desperately. The wizard didn’t respond.

To the knight’s relief, Sir Falcus began to climb the stairs, although he did it very slowly while he kept shouting for the King’s attention. He was finally standing in front of King Shallow, and the knight’s face was almost touching the barrier in anticipation. Sir Falcus kept talking to the King. But the King was just standing there, his head was tilted down, his long-yellow hair covered his whole face, and his long beard hanged down to his belly. It was when Sir Falcus touched the King’s hand that he suddenly raised his head. The knight almost fell on his back. It shocked everyone when they noticed that the King had no eyes. The wizard spoke as if he read the knight’s mind “He hasn’t lost his eyes, they just turned all black” After hearing this, the knight was able to see that this was the case. But the King didn’t give anyone the time to ponder upon his eyes when he grabbed Sir Falcus by the nick and lifted him up. The right hand, who couldn’t be called short, was like a small boy being held by his, very tall, father. Falcus struggled to release himself. But there was no escape from the King’s grip. He pulled Falcus near his face and snarled at him, like an animal, showing his teeth. Then he raised him as far as he could stretch his arm, and rammed him into the floor. Blood gushed out Sir Faclus’s mouth, and before he had the time to get back the air that was knocked out of him, the King’s big fist came down, smashing his face. The rest of the court were idle. They watched the King pull his fist from what has been the right hand’s face, and then he stood back up. He was still showing his teeth, and his face showed his anger. Chaos ensued when he screamed at the lords and ministers in front of him. He stormed down the stairs and began killing them, with his bare hands. He was pulling heads and limbs, throwing people high up, or ramming them into the walls. The knight was paralyzed as he watched the massacre. He could not avert his eyes form the madness that he was witnessing. It wasn’t long before the king’s court was covered in blood. Body parts, crushed heads, and unrecognized piles of meat were scattered all around. And the King stood in the middle of it all, breathing heavily. Then he slowly walked out of the court.

To be continued…



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