The knight and The Crazy Old Man

Dear history, please mark this moment. The great Marc Gate is publishing his first story on his awesome-and-soon-to-be-famous blog.

Love and Kisses,

Marc Gate.

Now let’s get on with the story:


Once upon a time, my insane fans, there was a knight riding his horse through the woods. He wasn’t there for any particular reason. It was just that the weather was nice and he thought why not go the woods?. So he let his horse have his way while he enjoyed the scenery. It was a really nice day. The sky was clear, the trees were green, and wind was gentle. He watched birds in strange combinations of colors that he has never noticed before. Their singing was also a melody that was foreign to his ears, and it was nice. There were creatures that looked like squirrels, but their fur was white, and their tails were green. He saw frogs that were jumping from flower to flower, without bending the flowers, like they had no weight to them. He saw a deer that had three eyes. The deer was drinking from a small stream that cut the path his horse was taking. After passing the stream, a breeze brushed his face and elevated his long hair. The sound of the blue leaves as they danced with the passing wind had a soothing effect on his heart.

Wait a minute, what the…?”

He suddenly noticed that all the green leaves and grass has turned blue. while the tree barks and the dirt on the ground turned red. He grabbed hold of the horse’s reins and attempted to pull back. “That’s enough crazy for one day, let’s head back, Charger!” But Charger wouldn’t respond to his master. He kept walking in a straight line. The knight tried his best to pull the horse back. But Charger was like a machine now, moving on auto-pilot.

The situation wasn’t getting any better. To his horror, the knight watched as the blue leaves and grass now turned black. While the red barks and dirt turned white. What madness is this! He was afraid to jump from the horse and touch the ground. So he concentrated all his strength to pull on the reins until the horse respond. But the horse didn’t. And now he couldn’t tell where the horse was heading. Because the change in color brought with it a very thick cloud of fog that was making it hard to see further behind the trees.

The horse kept moving, until it reached an open area. The knight couldn’t tell how wide it was because of the fog. He thought maybe the horse was back to normal now, and that he can control it again. But as much as he had tried, the horse just wouldn’t move. Now what? He thought. He looked around him, trying to see if there is a reason for the sudden stop. But all he could see was the white fog. Then he heard a sound coming from his twelve. It was the sound of the footsteps of a very slow creature, and it was closing in on him. He immediately pulled his sword and cried “Who goes there!” The footsteps didn’t stop. They continued to move towards him, until he saw the dark shadow of a man. And it wasn’t long until an old man, walking with a stick, emerged from the fog and stood in front of him.

The man was very old. His back was hunched so much he was practically bowing, his face consisted of one big nose, two very thick eyebrows, and his stick was just an old piece of wood.

The old man tried to look up, as much as his back would allow, and said “Greetings, Savior.”

I’m sorry, greetings who?” The knight’s hands tightened on the reins.

Savior. It has been foretold that a knight would enter the Missed Forest. He would learn of the imminent doom that threatens to erase all the life that he ever knew. And he will be guided by the knowledge of the wise ancient to embark on a quest to defeat this wicked evil”

“Ancient, you got that right”

His eyebrows raised suddenly, revealing his shockingly big eyes “What?”

Nothing!” those are really big eyes! the knight thought.

The eyebrows went back to cover the monstrosity. And the old man continued “So, Savior, are you ready to accept this huge honor, and become the greatest savior there ever was?”

The knight wanted none of that “I’m…not?”

He raised his stick high and screamed “WHAT?” Then he slammed the ground hard, and immediately, the grass went ablaze. And behind the fog, the knight could see that the whole forest was burning. He screamed in terror “What are you doing you crazy wizard? Stop, stop it all now!” But the old man was furious, his eyebrows lifted again to show his eyes, also on fire, and his voice struck like thunder “How can’t you be interested in saving the world you selfish scum? Do you not think of the millions…” and he paused for a second, nothing, then continued “…And the millions of innocent lives that would be lost to this wretched evil?”

This wizard is nuts! Thought the knight. He had to calm him down before he burns them both alive. “Ok, ok, great wizard! I take that back. I am totally interested in saving the world, ok? So how about we both calm down… and make everything back to green while we’re at it”

The wizard kept his “Flaming” gaze on the knight. Then he smiled as his eyebrows went back down, and the whole forest went back to normal, no fog, and no crazy colors. Then he turned back and started walking “Good. Now let’s go to my cabin. It’s not far from here.”

To be continued…


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