The Knight And The Crazy Old Man – Part7

Greetings, my dear fans.

Too many monkeys today! I could barely write a sentence without interruption!

I’m happy to tell you that I’ll be signing my books in my room today, alone, so that no one can claim them to be his own. I bought those books with my hard-earned money, thief!

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Anyway, Let us continue our fantastic journey, through the great plains of Shrinkshard, and follow the young knights, as they try to stop their king from reaching the great fortress, Dartom: Continue reading


Words are Magic!

At least, some authors’ words are.

I only need to read the first two or three pages of a book by an author like Terry Pratchett to realize that I am at the “garbage” level. Boy, do I have a looong way to go!

I’ve always been “interested” in writing. But I’ve never wrote that much. However, After starting this blog, and writing daily for a week, I’m starting to see words and writing in a whole new light.

Words are interesting. Different combinations of them give you different effects. There are recipes to make people laugh, cry, wonder, and fear. Words are magic.

I wish I can join the ranks of the “Word Magicians” someday, and it won’t heart anyone if that “someday” is like… tomorrow!

What? Too soon? Ok I’ll settle for the day after tomorrow, and you guys should be thankful I’m that generous.

The Knight and The Crazy Old Man – Part6

Greetings, My ever-increasing devotees.

Another day, another thousand words, give or take a few hundreds.

Today is a really beautiful day. As I always like to say :

Today is a really beautiful day!

If you haven’t, read the previous parts: Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, and Part5

Now Let us continue this once-in-a-life-time-opportunity-for-you-to-read-a-really-epic story:


Mount Svarg was named after the legendary country that lies to the north of it, Svargania. It is said that Svargania is much lower than Shrinkshard. That’s why no Svarganian was ever able to cross over. The southern side of the mountain, is also so steep, it is impossible to climb.

This is why many people consider the whole country of Svargania to be only a legend, since there is no evidence of its existence, save for a few ancient writings that are kept in the library of the royal castle.

These ancient documents give a frightening image of the Svarganians. They dabbled in the Black Arts, killed children in rituals, and concurred every country they could reach. But they could never climb Mount Svarg.

******* Continue reading

To Some People, Writing is The Work of Aliens

I don’t know what is wrong with these people.

They find it strange to see someone setting in front of their computer, typing for an hour or two. They jump around you, like curious monkeys jumping around a newly crashed plane in the middle of their jungle. Some of them are even angry at you! What are you angry at me for, monkey?

I’m running out of places where I can write in peace. Maybe it’s time to buy a laptop, and look for a cave somewhere, where no monkeys can get to me.

The Knight and The Crazy Old Man – Part5


Here are the previous parts: Part1, Part2, Part3, and Part4

Now let us continue with the story:

Yurdin hated his job as a guard, it was so boring. Still, he appreciated the safety of it. Being a gate guard insured a life free from the dangers of the battlefield. And he wasn’t alone in his post, Glinton, was always on duty with him, and they got along well.

Glinton was half asleep, when Yurdin saw the King coming out of inner gates, covered in blood. Yurdin screamed at his partner “Glin! Wake up! It’s the King!”

The sleepy guard was startled by the call. His eyes widened in horror when he looked where his friend was pointing. They both rushed to aid their King. Glinton reached the King first. He was about to ask the King what was wrong with him, when the King’s fist sent him flying back. Yurdin stopped, for a second, confused by what just happened. His friend lay on the floor, unconscious. And the King was approaching him slowly. The guard wanted to move and do something. But do what? Help the friend who got beaten by the King? Would he be considered a traitor if he ran away now? The King had already reached the fallen guard. He raised his right leg, and brought it down on Glinton’s face, smashing his head. Continue reading

What is it Like to Be a Full-time Writer?

I woke up today, and found out that I will spend most of the day in my car, traveling to the next city for some errands. So unfortunately I can’t write part 5 of the story.

But this blog shall be updated daily, dammit.

Anyway, about the full-time writer thing,

In my little mind, I imagine that writing full-time would be a blast. Your mind would be free from all the demands of your other “real” job. I always fantasize about being able to travel around the world while I’m working on my next masterpiece. Because writing doesn’t require me to be in one place at one time.

But is it really like this? Or does the love relationship fades, and gets replaced with stress and loathing?

I wish I could sit with a full-time writer and ask him what is it like to be him.

I would like to hear your thoughts in the comment section. And I mean all the 3 millions of you, my dear fans.

The Knight and The Crazy Old Man – Part4

Greetings, my numerous fans, I have a hard time counting you already…

If you haven’t, Read Part1, Part2, and Part3

Now, let us continue on with the story:

This is a beautiful day, thought Hylven as he walked with his friend Rother through the city square. They both wore the grey armor. Many eyes followed them as they proudly crossed the busy markets, on their way to the castle. Hylven attracted more glances from women with his black-long hair gracefully dancing in the breeze. Rother, with his blond-short hair, had a more intimidating look that matched his personality. And despite his stern face, both he and Hylven were happy today. It is the day they become knights, and meet King Shallow in person. Continue reading

I Hate Names!!

I am so frustrated right now. Maybe it’s because English is not my first language. I don’t know. But coming up with characters’ names is killing me. I was supposed to start today’s installment by introducing 2 new characters. And I had to give them names, actual names, not like Old Man, or the Knight. But for some reason, I kept staring at my screen. The funny thing is, I tried to create names of my own, but every time I come up with one, I find that it’s a real name. I hate you, Google!

Well, guess what! I have already decided to write every day, and I will do it no matter what. So if I can’t come up with clever, meaningful names, I will just choose any name that comes to my mind. I will not care for inconsistency, or if the meaning does not go along with the character’s traits. I will not care if one character’s name is English, and his brother’s name is Chinese. I will pick the names as they come to my mind and continue to write the story.

I will add an FAQ page as soon as possible to point out all these decisions I’ve made.

And now, let me get back to write the next installment in my stupid story, before a fan commits suicide and I get blamed for his death.